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14 Best Netflix Dating Shows in 2021

14 Best Netflix Dating Show 2021
14 Best Netflix Dating Show 2021

In this article, we cover the 14 best Netflix dating shows in 2021. Firstly, paid subscription streaming platform giant Netflix has a lot of dating shows to offer. While some might find these productions cheesy and boring, others love them dearly and follow each episode with details, spoilers, and other pieces of trivia. So if you have a lot of free time on your hands and want to shed some tears and laughs, jump in with us today as we share with you our 14 best Netflix dating shows in 2021. Come with us here at Otakukart, where we post daily updates on all your favorite entertainment niches!

Our countdown has no particular order, as we consider that all these productions have something to say for themselves. From “Love is Blind” to “Dating Around” and less conventional spins on the normal dating —like rekindling old passions— of the likes of “Back with the Ex,” reality television has many things to offer. And the trick with reality tv is that it caters to your tastes and experiences. Since its mainstream eruption in the 2000s following an important guild writer’s strike, reality shows are here to stay. With many varieties and franchises to choose from, here is our shortlist!

Dating Reality Shows on Netflix: What’s the buzz?

Reality tv shows are now a common type of television programming that depicts ostensibly unscripted real-life situations—frequently starring unknown people rather than professional actors. These types of shows originated as a separate genre in the early 1990s with shows such as The Real World, then rose to popularity in the early 2000s with the success of series such as Survivor, Idols, and Big Brother, all of which became worldwide franchises. Reality television shows sometimes include “confessionals,” brief interview pieces in which cast members reflect on or offer an explanation for the events portrayed on-screen; this is especially prevalent in American reality television.

Competition-based reality programs generally include the removal of candidates over time, either by a panel of judges, by the show’s audience, or by the contestants themselves. Over the years and given reality shows popularity, many critics slam on reality television because it doesn’t represent “reality.” And they are right about that. Many situations and feuds are a product of scripted drama. Some shows deliberately manipulate the audience with smash cuts and heavy editing as well as acting. And other shows blatantly humiliate participants while glorifying inadequate, oftentimes erratic behaviors.

14 Best Netflix Dating Show 2021

14 Best Netflix Dating Show 2021

14 Best Netflix Dating Shows

We have compiled a list of fourteen shows for Otakukart readers’ consideration when they sit down to binge-watch a series. For this list, I have no preference, so 14 can be as good as spot number 1. Ok? Now let’s consider a few things like inclusion criteria: Firstly, it has to be a reality tv show. Secondly, it has to be a dating reality tv show, and thirdly, all shows must be on Netflix. Bear in mind that if for some reason the show doesn’t show up on your Netflix, it’s because of your geolocation. So a VPN would solve those issues. And now, let’s read about the 14 Best Netflix Dating Shows in 2021.

14. Dating Around

From the United States, it’s a six-episode show that aired on Valentine’s day 2019, and it’s Netflix debut dating reality television series. Dating Around is the idea of Australian executive Chris Culvenor, who owns Eureka Productions, a Los Ángeles-based production company with operations in America and Australia. Eureka produces this show and others like ABC’s Holey Moley and Animal Planet’s Crikey! It’s the Irwins. Dating Around has two seasons, with the latest one aired on June 12, 2020. Since this is Netflix’s homegrown stuff, I thought we could start from there.

14 best Netflix show 2021

Dating Around

13. Back with the Ex

From Australia, this series features four couples who want to rekindle old flames. Diane and Peter, Cam and Kate, Jeremy and Meg, and Erik and Lauren used to date at one point and then moved on. Only to shack up again in front of a camera for our viewing pleasure. What could go wrong? Does a nail take out another nail? Can these people reignite the old flame or end up in another torturous cycle of professional therapy —and sometimes a shot at another celebrity rehab reality show, perhaps?

14 best Netflix show 2021

Back with the Ex.

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12. The Bachelorette

One of reality television’s most veteran shows, The Bachelorette, is on Netflix. More precisely, season six with Ali Fedotowsky, who must choose from a cohort of handsome men planning to find a way into her heart. So, she takes them on a bunch of dates. In each episode, she needs to eliminate one of her pretenders. And she maintains the Bachelorette’s tradition of the ceremonial rose to hand out with the smash cuts, drama music, and all those things we love and witnessed since 2003. Let’s now travel to the other side of the world for our next show!

The Bachelorette

11. Indian Matchmaking

Indian Matchmaking is a matchmaking tv series created by Los Ángeles based film director Smriti Mundhra featuring the work of marriage consultant and advisor Sima Taparia. We watch her consider preferences as she pairs up couples for arranged marriages. Released in July 2020, it features a lawyer from Houston, a jeweler from Mumbai, a New Jersey event planner, a college counselor, and two business persons with different vested interests as they try to find room in each other’s lives via the efficient due diligence of Mumbai’s Sima Taparia.

14 best Netflix show 2021

Indian Matchmaking

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10. Are You The One?

This American production aired originally on MTV —after they lost their music video business to YouTube and Napster— and features two seasons on Netflix. The premise is a little interesting: The showrunners have this thing they call an “algorithm,” a computer program that pairs one person with another. And each contestant must find out who that person is. It’s a little complex but also a little cute. It has a little bit of competition and gaming and a little bit of drama. It’s the kind of thing that millennials would watch on a boring Thursday night to fall asleep.

14 best Netflix show 2021

Are You The One?

9. Sexy Beasts

This is a bizarre show. Rob Delaney welcomes us to this dating show Sexy Beasts where some weird people dress up in animal costumes. Yeah, it’s a furry dating show. But with a twist. It’s weird. Let me explain: The contestants put on some sort of furry animal look and have to date. We get to see the entire dating process. And in the end, each contestant must take off their mask, and if they like each other, they get to go live happily ever after. This is the kind of show that makes them furries feel warm and fuzzy inside.

14 Best Netflix Dating Shows in 2021

Still from Sexy Beasts.

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8. Too Hot To Handle

This show is for both boys and girls. We go to some sunny locations, put up a lot of luxury venues and good Wi-Fi access. The usual amenities: Sunscreen, alcohol, pools, and lots of less than real life. Throw in some scantily dressed young women. Heat things up by literally cockblocking each possible normal interaction. Bang. You have a killer reality show. In this place, contestants can’t please themselves sexually in any way. The one who manages not to yield to the pleasures of lust in a sunny tropical paradise gets a bag of cash. It’s raunchy.

Melinda and Marvin from Too Hot to Handle Season 2.

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7. Say I Do

This American production created by Scout for Netflix is from the same people that gave us Queer Eye. It has eight episodes, and it stars fashion designer Jeremiah Brent, Chef Gabriele Bertacinni, and fashion designer Thai Nguyen. This production was filmed in several locations across America like Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kentucky, and Ohio state. It’s been available for streaming on Netflix since July 1, 2020. The premise of the show is quite simple. These three professionals make some girl’s dream wedding come true.

14 best Netflix show 2021

Say I Do

6. Love on the Spectrum

Love on the Spectrum is an Australian production of Northern Pictures for ABC. It aired for the first time on Netflix in July 2020 and has two seasons. Both seasons feature different casts. The show’s premise is like every other reality show about dating you see. Some fancy-schmancy scenario. Some dates with some dudes and gals. Here’s the play on this weird one. Everyone in this show has some spectrum of autism. Hence the name. It has drama, it has real people, and it has the scenes, cuts, and sounds we all care for and want from a reality show.

14 best Netflix show 2021

Love on the Spectrum.


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5. The Bachelor

If we had The Bachelorette, we gotta have the Bachelor. This one, a classic one from 2002. It manages to captivating audiences with its single premise: A lucky young dude has to date a bunch of lucky girls in search of the one that will grab his heart and last name. It has the drama, the cuts, the music, and the traditional dramatic ceremony of handing out roses. Top that with a long-running history of tears and laughs, and you get a winning combo with this one. You can’t go wrong with the Bachelor since the dude is always cool, and the girls are always nice.

 14 best Netflix dating show 2021

The Bachelor


4. 3 Wives, 1 Husband

Think your marriage is boring? Do you think that your wife gives you too much of a hassle? Well, this show follows a dude with three wives. That man deserves a show just for being patient. Think about it. If you can’t keep up with mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, and doing quotidian stuff without some sort of complaint from your significant other. Think about what this dude has to go through. Settled in Utah, this gives us a glimpse at polygamous relationships and the fascinating complexities regarding this lifestyle.

 14 best Netflix show

3 Wives, 1 Husband

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3. Extreme Engagement

If you’re into relationships, you know there is a time when the both of you travel together. Once you leave the amenities of your home and face the complexities of the outdoors. That’s when you get to know the real each other. This series puts that idea to a test. The concept is simple. Each couple goes on a smaller version of the Amazing Race around some rough place in different parts of the world, doing some trekking and outdooring. We get to see laughs and tears as people compete for prizes in fancy locations.

Extreme Engagement


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2. What the Love! With Karan Johar

India’s Karan Johar goes around the world helping six dudes struggling with their personal fears, and with lots of positive vibes, Karan manages their reputation, style and helps them with their issues as they embark into a world of glamour in search of love. This one-hour slow burn, seven-episode a season show has been running on Netflix since January 2020. Stay tuned for the last one, because if the previous ones haven’t caught your attention, the final one at this Otakukart Top 14 Best Netflix Dating Shows in 2021 will give you a lot of binge-watching time.

14 Best Netflix Dating Shows in 2021

What the Love! With Karan Johar

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1. Married at First Sight

This reality show has a very straightforward approach. What can go wrong when we marry people blindly?  Will it go sweet, or will it go sour? What kind of drama can we expect from this social experiment? The process takes eight weeks. If both contestants are happy after eight weeks of a blind marriage. Cool. If not, well, they got to figure that one out. It’s a high-stakes, high-risk game at the game of love in Netflix bet. And that’s a wrap on the Otakukart Top 14 Netflix Reality Dating shows 2021. Please keep coming back to our website, where we post daily updates on this and all other your favorite topics!

Married at First Sight

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