Kdrama True Beauty Review and Plot Analysis

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True beauty is romantic South Korean series released in the year 2020. The drama has created its own hype among the youths and Korean drama enthusiasts. The drama is available on the leading k drama platform like Viki & Viu, Unfortunately, the series isn’t available on Netflix neither the franchise is planning to add series to the list anytime soon. The rating of the drama is quite good IMDb rated it 8.1 while MyDramaList rated it with an 8.4. The genre of the series is comedy romance and drama. There are a total of 16 episodes in season 1 the duration varies with each episode.

Star Cast of True Beauty

The drama is starring Cha Eun-woo as (Lee Su Ho), Hwang In-Yeop as (Han Seon –Joon), Moon Ga-Young as (Lim Ju-Kyung), Park Yoo-Na as (Kang Soo-Jin). These are the main character of the series the plot revolves around them. The drama is also starring Kang Min-ah as (Choi Soo-ah), Kang Chan-hee as (Jung See-Yeon), Im Se-mi as (Im Hee-Kyung), Lee Jae-Wook as (Baek Kyung), Hye won Jyun as (Park Se Mi), Oh Eui-shik as (Han Jun-woo), Jang Hye-jin as (Hong Hyun-sook), Park Ho-san as (Lim Jae-Pil) as the supporting cast. There are other additional characters too who have their roles here and there in the running series to support it.


The plot of the series True beauty is quite basic one a typical romantic series. The drama revolves around Lim Ju-Kyung (Moon Ga-Young) who is born with average looks and refer as ugly from the beginning of the series. She is very skeptical about her looks as she took after her mother who is an average-looking woman. She has two siblings Im Hee-Kyung and Im Ju-Young both are attractive and took after their father. Lim Ju-Kyung is bullied by her friends and classmates in Yongpa High School.

She loses her self-esteem when she proposes to a senior guy working in the cafeteria and he rejected her after calling her ugly. She is bullied by her classmates as they shot a video of the whole incident and posting it on the school community wall. The whole school got to know her which made her wish to leave the school and start over again in a new school. The wish was granted after her father got scammed by the con artist and the money they earned was domed.

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Before getting a transfer to the new school Lim Ju-Kyung came across the world of makeup and how she can transform herself completely by applying them. She took the help of the video lesson to learn about makeup and transformation. She shifted to a new school in her old city. Saebom High School is a fresh beginning for Lim Ju-Kyung as she comes across a world where people admire her beauty and want to befriend her which was totally missing in her last school. She got a world of acceptance and happiness she made friends and hang out with them, this was a totally new experience for her. Makeup became a total priority as it was the only thing that kept her real identity hidden.


In Saebom High School she came across Lee Su-ho the most attractive boy in the school. He was born handsome and intelligent at the same time. Lee Su Ho had a cold nature he didn’t have many friends except Kang Soo-Jin who was a childhood friend. He kept himself away from everybody and focused on his life. His father was the owner of move entertainment. He has clashes with his father they don’t share a healthy bond which does change at the end of the drama. The plot introduces Han Seo-Joon who is another handsome boy who involves himself in punk. He was the typical baddie. He met Lim Ju-Kyung in an accident when she accidentally ran towards his bike and they both clashed.

The story turns out to be a typical love triangle where Han Seo-Joon and Lee Su Ho have a crush on Lim Ju-Kyung while Kang Soo-Jin has a major crush on Lee Su Ho. The plot turns out to be ugly when the trio of Lim Ju-Kyung, Kang Soo-Jin, and Choi Soo-A broke due to the relationship of Lim Ju-Kyung and Su Ho. The plot takes a twist when Kang Soo-Jin decided to intervene in the relationship and ruin everything between Su Ho and Lim Ju-Kyung. The friends turned to the enemy and the plot transformed into a revenge scenario.

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Meanwhile, there are inter stories where Su Ho and Han Seo-Joon friendship phase and the reason for their breakup are shown. Also, the reason behind the death of a friend Jeong Se-Yeon was shown. The plot tells about how it took a toll on the mental health of both the friends Su Ho and Han Seo-Joon.

The story turns to the climax when Saebom High School got to know about the real identity of Lim Ju Kyung. She loses her self-confidence again. This time she came back confident about her looks as Su Ho and Han Seo-Joon were there to support her. She turned out more confident. Su Ho leaves in an emergency leaving Lim Ju Kyung behind. His father was unwell in the states and he went there to see him. There is a leap of two years where Han Seo-Joon and Lim Ju Kyung turn out to be the best friends to each other and Su Ho apparently breaks up. The reason for the breakup is the distance as he isn’t sure when he will be back.

At the end of the series, Su Ho and Lim Ju Kyung end up together while Han Seo-Joon joins the band and fulfills his dream of being a singer.

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The drama True beauty is a romantic comedy which shed light on some serious topic. The portrayal of the look and how it can affect one person was the issue focused on in the entire drama. The drama has a typical touch to it. You will surely come across the second lead syndrome Han Seo-Joon as he took over the drama in every manner. The series will surely make you fall in love again as the representation of love shown is pure and unbreakable. Overall the drama leads to the one that comes with a basic plot.

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The drama is quite similar to My Id Is Gangnam beauty. The acting and the representation of the plot were impressive it surely attracts the audience to know what happens next. The curiosity will be there in the mind while watching the series. There is character development in the drama which is engaging as the growth of the character motivates the audience.

One thing which wasn’t that great was the ending of the drama. The audience expected some drama but it ended on a plain note a happy ending. Su Ho and Lim Ju Kyung went together while Han Seo-Joon was left heartbroken. He took forward his interest and passion for singing as a career. The ending wasn’t the best in such an audience-engaging drama.

There are many hidden messages which are delivered by the drama. One of them is about mental health and suicide and how this takes over the life of others. Secondly how looks can force someone to rethink them because of what other people say and judge. Other messages delivered by the series are the parents and the children bonding, how a parent should understand what a kid is going through. Love is what all of us need which is beautifully represented in the drama. It also portrays how a person can change your life and boost your confidence. One good friend can be equal to 10 fake persons.

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