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Robert Downey Jr.’s New Bald Look & Life Update


Netizens all around the world have been shocked and surprised after seeing Robert Downey Jr.’s new look at his most recent public appearance at the Governors Ball in Los Angeles. He was seen sporting an all-new look, with a drastic change in his hairstyle. The actor has shaved his head and gone all bald much to his fans’ surprise. 

The actor famous for his portrayal of Iron Man on the big screen and starring in several other A-list films has been experimenting a lot more with his hairstyles in recent times, even sporting blue hair for a while. But this new bald look isn’t just for a bit of fun, The actor is preparing for his role in an upcoming mini-series, The Sympathizer.

Robert wanted to avoid wearing a bald cap and decided that the most comfortable and simplest way to meet the visual requirements for his new role was to go natural.


Robert Downey Jr.’s kids shaving his head

Robert Downey Jr.’s New Project

What’s more, His new bald look came to fruition largely through the efforts of his kids, with the actor posting a video on Instagram in which he can be seen asking his kids to help him shave his hair for the new role, which they then do so with glee.  You can find the video here.

Fans are drawing a lot of comparisons between RDJ’s new look and other famous personalities and characters. Many fans humorously commented on his Instagram post, If the person in the picture was Jeff Bezos. Fans also began suggesting that the actor could take up the mantle of Lex Luthor from DC Comics as well.

The Sympathizer is an HBO adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Viet Thanh Nguyen. The show is an espionage thriller following the struggles of a half-French, half-Vietnamese spy during the final days of the Vietnam war and his exile in the United States. Robert Downey Jr. is producing and co-starring in the show playing multiple roles all as the main antagonists. The rest of the main cast includes Hoa Xuande, Fred Nguyen Khan, Toan Le, Vy Le, and Alan Trong. The show is set to premiere sometime in 2023.

This isn’t the first time the actor has had a remarkable shift in appearance for a role. Robert Downey Jr. can be seen with greying hair for his role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie Oppenheimer. He will be starring alongside Cillian Murphy of Peaky Blinders fame and will be playing the role of Lewis Strauss, head of the United States Atomic Energy Commission. Oppenheimer is set to release on July 21st, 2023.


Robert Downey Jr. for Oppenheimer

Robert Downey Jr. is well known for his role as Iron Man, whose mantle he’d taken up for eleven whole years, with his final role as Tony Stark being in Avengers Endgame, where his character got an emotional send-off. Fans all agree that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Iron Man and has heralded him as being one of the main factors that led to the grand success of the MCU.

Since his exit from the role, the actor has begun taking on more diverse roles that would challenge him further as an actor. Fans are all highly anticipating seeing what he brings to the table in the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie Oppenheimer. He also produced the movie Sr. which is a documentary recounting the life and career of his late father, Robert Downey Sr.

Robert Downey Jr has become a household name in Hollywood and is adored by his fans for his charm and humor. He has also become a role model for many people, both kids, and adults, due to his confidence, down-to-earth personality, and positive outlook on life. Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing more people taking the bold decision to go bald now that Mr. Tony Stark himself has done it too.

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