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Is ‘Megan Is Missing’ Based On A True Story?

"Megan Is Missing"
Is "Megan Is Missing" Based On A True Story?

For the first 4/5 of the film, Megan is Missing (2011) is a relatively ordinary horror film. However, the film’s final act is so unsettling and horrifying that it regularly becomes popular with new horror fan communities. Most recently, in 2020, the movie went viral on TikTok, with people recording their responses to the final 20 minutes of the movie.

The popularity of the trend grew to the point where “Megan is Missing” director Michael Goi created his own Tik tok, claiming that while the footage used in the movie isn’t “genuine,” forensic experts helped him make it as authentic as possible. Goi claims that in order to deter real children from contacting strangers online, he made Megan’s Missing as frightening as he could.

Is The “Megan Is Missing” Based On A True Event?

“Megan Is Missing,” which was directed by Michael Goi, was not based on a true event, but it was said that Miranda Gaddis and Ashley Pond’s kidnapping in 2002 served as inspiration.

“Megan Is Missing” Cast.

“Megan Is Missing” Cast Includes: Amber Perkins as Amy Herman, Rachel Quinn as Megan Stewart, Dean Waite as Josh, and Jael Elizabeth Steinmeyer as Lexie. Kara Wang as Kathy, Brittany Hingle as Chelsea, Carolina Sabate as Angie, Trigve Hagen as Gideon, Curtis Wingfield as Ben, April Stewart as Joyce Stewart, Reyver Huante as Bill Herman, Tammy Klein as Louise Herman, Lauren Leah Mitchell as Callie Daniels, and Kevin Morris as Detective Simonelli.

Cast Of "Megan Is Missing".

Scene From “Megan Is Missing.”

“Megan Is Missing” Plot

In January 2007, best friends Megan Stewart and Amy Herman, both 14 years old, went missing. To raise awareness of the significance of children’s online safety, investigators compiled web-chat footage, home movies, and press accounts recording their disappearances. Megan excels academically in high school and is well-liked by her classmates. She does, however, have a broken connection with her mother and a drug problem, as evidenced by YouTube footage from January 2.

Amy has a positive relationship with her parents and exhibits a reluctance to let go of her youth through her love of plush animals. Amy is a victim of bullying despite her close friendship with Megan. In an effort to help her fit in, Megan extends her an invitation to a rave party she’s attending to honor Amy’s forthcoming birthday. According to the video taken the night of the party, Amy is assaulted and clearly uncomfortable when she declines to have sex with one of the men there.

Amy is surprised when she walks in on Megan giving the party’s host oral sex in exchange for drugs.

"Megan Is Missing"

Cast Of “Megan Is Missing.”

One of Megan’s party companions, Lexie, provides her with a social media handle for Josh, whom they believe to be a 17-year-old student from a local school. On video chat, he hides his identity and says that his webcam is broken.

Despite several warning signs and inconsistencies, Megan finds herself falling for him. They agree to meet at a party, but he never comes forward. She confronts him online, but when he claims to be shy and precisely recounts what she was wearing While visiting Megan’s place, Megan introduces Amy to him because she is starting to feel left out. Josh persuades Megan to meet him behind a restaurant (rather than in public this time). According to news reports, Megan disappeared on January 17. The final image of her is from the dinner’s shaky security camera, which shows her being seized by an unidentified man by the wrist.

Amy begins an investigation into Megan’s disappearance and contacts Josh online. He threatens Amy after discovering she doubts him. Amy is seized by a man while she records a video diary beneath an ancient bridge where she reveals secrets to Megan. In a trash can, investigators discovered her video camera. The uncut video shows Josh opening the door to a BDSM chamber where Amy is bound to the wall.

When Amy discovers Megan’s disintegrating corpse within the barrel, she tries to run away. Josh digs a sizable hole in the wilderness, forcing her inside with Megan’s body and pleading for her life. Before picking up his flashlight and leaving, he pushes the barrel in and fills it to the brim.

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