One Piece Chapter 989 – Release Date and Preview

When Raizo went to Zou and gained asylum from Minks, Jack arrived at the island to retrieve the Ninja. Jack is one of the All-Stars of Beast Pirates with a bounty of one billion berries. The Minks were true to their ally and almost died protecting him. It was the straw hats that arrived on the island to rescue them. They also led them to the Wano Country to a bigger battlefield. As it turns out, this is the best opportunity for the minks to take revenge.

One Piece Chapter 989 is scheduled to release on September 7, 2020. The manga is on another break this weekend. These delays are due to the delays in Shonen magazine. This chapter is expected to leak a few days earlier than the official source. One Piece’s newest chapters are released on the Manga Plus Platform run by Shueisha. However, they usually release early on the internet if there is a week’s break between chapters. You may also find a translation difference between the official and non-official sources.

To explain the situation, let’s look at the events from the previous chapters. A huge force led by the Samurai of Wano has gathered to raid the fortress of Kaido, the emperor of Sea. The fight started when the Nine Akazaya landed a strike on Kaido. The Emperor transformed into a dragon in response. This is when the Minks revealed their strategy. The day of the full moon was chosen for a specific reason.

The minks can transform into their Sulong form in the full moon. The Mink lords are the strongest users of this technique. The rest of the subordinate minks transformed to take on the rest of the Beast Pirates. As for Nekomamushi and Inuarshi, they will take on Kaido in this form.

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Another person in danger was Momonosuke. At this instant, Sanji made his appearance. Using his invisibility, Sanji successfully fried Momonosuke and takes on one of the top brass of Beast Pirates. King sends him flying with a considerable amount of force. While we expect the Straw Hat crew to compete with the strongest of Beast Pirates, none of them are at that level yet. Luffy is thinking to give support to Sanji at this point.

Big Mom is also mad at Straw Hat Luffy for ruining another festival for her. She also wants Zeus back from Nami. This is an interesting situation as Big Mom is as strong as Kaido. She is unstoppable in certain situations. Fortunately, the solution to her rampage is connected to Marco. We already saw Marco making his way to the battlefield with one of Big Mom’s Son. They could meet a mutual understanding and Big Mom may withdraw from this. fight.

As for Kaido and his forces, the difference is huge. Despite the advantage of Sulong, the beast pirates are way too superior in numbers and strength. This pirate crew has been well organized and every member possesses some kind of animal devil fruit. Members like King and Queen are on another level altogether. It will still take a joint effort to take everyone down.

Some of the key Straw Hats are still missing from the battlefield. Zoro is nowhere to be seen. Jinbe and Robin were seen disguised as Beast Pirates but they are yet to show up. These are some of the strongest fighters that can take on the big names of Beast Pirates. We need to know the outcome of Minks vs Kaido and Beast Pirates first. They are the front line soldiers that will help reduce the size of the Beast Pirate force. Overall, the action is just starting in the Wano Arc of the One Piece Manga.