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Will There Be Beyond Evil Episode 17?

Beyond Evil season 2
A Still from Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil Episode 17 may not release very soon. As the drama Beyond Evil just has a total of 16 episodes. To date, 14 episodes of the drama have been released so far. After the completion of all 16 episodes, it is still uncertain if the drama will produce a special episode of the same or not. The thriller mystery drama is performing quite well. And is attracting the attention of the viewers because of its unique plot that revolves around an unsolved mystery. The popularity of the show is also at its peak because of the casting. The main leads of the show Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun are both sustaining in the industry for a long time now. Yeo Jin Goo has been acting since his childhood and the viewers love to see him on screen.

Beyond Evil Episode 17 Plot Updates

Beyond Evil Episode 17 is still not sure if it will air or not. Many a time the popular shows are made into a special episode after the completion of the drama. That special episode is often categorized as the next episode or the makers plan to renew that show thereafter. But until now no updates of Beyond Evil Episode 17 or beyond evil season 2 have come from the makers so far. Most probably if the series is renewed for a season 2 the plot story is more likely to change from the original. The genre will be the same but the cases for difficult than before. The first season of beyond evil deals with a serial murder case from 20 years ago.

when Beyond Evil season 2 releasing

A Still from Beyond Evil

The two fearless detectives Lee Dong Shik and Han Joo Won try with their every might to solve the case. Lee Dong Sik was once a capable officer. But after his name got involved in the case he got demoted for doing low jobs in Manyang Police Substation. Soon after Han Joo Won is transferred to Manyang Police Substation. Han Joo Won is a person of higher social standard as his father is in a very high position in National Police Agency. Han Joo Won has a secret of his own.

Suddenly when a series of killings again start taking place it strikes back the chor to the case twenty years ago. Lee Dong Shik and Han Joo Won are both determined to solve the case. But what may seem difficult can actually turn out to be more difficult from our imagination. Murders continue happening and things keep turning more and more complicated. With the sudden death of Nam Sang Bae, the series took drastic and dramatic turns.

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Beyond Evil Episode 17 Release Date

when is Beyond Evil episode 17 releasing

A still from the k-drama Beyond Evil

As of now, no surety has been given for the filming of the second season. The original season started airing on 19th April 2021 and will go off air on 10th April 2021. The drama airs on the original network JTBC every Friday and Saturday. With the duration of each episode to be approximately 1hr 10min. With the drama going off the air any new updates from the makers of the show haven’t arrived yet. Even if the show is renewed it will take some time to come on floors. The second season or the 17th episode may air sometime in 2022 and not before that. But still, these are all estimations and no actual declaration has come from the production. As soon as any new update is released regarding the drama it will be shared as a priority for sure.

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Where to Watch Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil episode 17 updates

Korean drama Beyond Evil cast and crew

Beyond evil also popularly known as Monster or Freak airs every Friday and Saturday on the original network Jtbc. Alongside the broadcasting network, the show also streams on the online streaming sites Viki along with subtitles. The drama will also stream internationally on the international streaming site Netflix from 11th April 2021. The last two episodes of the drama will air on 9th and 10th April respectively. The last episodes of the drama are getting more accumulative views than the first. Under the direction of Shim Na Yeon and the lead acting under Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun, the drama is performing really well. The drama is also getting huge appreciation for the fabulous acting of the actors. The genres of the drama include thriller, mystery, psychological, and drama.

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