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Warm On A Cold Night Episode 23 & 24: Release Date, Spoilers And Streaming Guide

Warm on a Cold Night trailer
Warm on a Cold Night Episode 23 & 24 Release Date, Spoilers And Streaming Guide

The release date for Warm on a Cold Night episodes 23 and 24 is here. Fans loving Chinese drama are excited to access the newest episode, and here we are with a recap before revealing Warm on a Cold Night episodes 23 and 24’s releasing date and streaming guide.

Han Jiong was informed by Su Jiu’er of the clue she had discovered, and she triumphantly inquired about its usefulness. Su Jiu’er will read the rest of the dossier to Han Xie and provide him with a legitimate customs clearance certificate if he can maintain his life.

Thoughts were racing through Han Xie’s head as he claimed he needed to consider the situation. Keha successfully convinced Han Xie that the ladies of the Qian State were far more gentle than the ladies of the Qi Clan after driving Su Jiuer away.

Han Jio declined to let Su Jiuer contact her to look into the situation when they met. As a result, Su Jiuer purposefully bought a lollipop man to insert his hand inside to collect energy. The boss reprimanded them for their unethical behavior. They were not hearing.

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A recap

Although Qiren males are still far more powerful, many women admire them. After accepting the ring, Han Xie went into the dancing club. Su Jiuer was forced to act as if they were a couple after realizing she couldn’t enter. Su Jiuer intended to appear to be in a relationship with him once she entered so that she could kiss him legally without raising any suspicions.

Warm on a Cold Night trailer

The main cast.

Su Jiu’er grabbed the chilly sticker and fastened it to his ears to carry the other files because this dance and song establishment is quite large. The four adults appear to have a poor relationship on the surface, but she has already verified that this is not the case.

They all arrive on the same day. Su Jiu’er was swiftly taken into custody by the opposing party’s guards after Han Yu fixed his target on a member of the Qi clan. Although they claimed to be able to communicate fluently, the man immediately realized they were carrying Mr.

He became Mr. Zhang’s 12-month pal and Zhang’s finger wrench. The person in front of Mr. Zhang appears young but is eighty-three, while Mr. Zhang is just in his thirties. The four grownups are in pro-Qi groups in the Qian Kingdom court, and things are getting stranger by the minute.

Su Jiuer speculated that the murderer might not even be a member of the Qi nation but was concerned that Han Ji would get over him. Surprisingly, Han Xie declared that he would look into this case because it contains numerous oddities. Han Yu and Su Jiu’er agreed to meet again the following day to read the file for him.

A deadly scorpion that Hu Badao delivered to Qin Xiangyi is a useful medical resource. Su Jiuer examined the bodies of the four people and discovered that Master Zhang’s body was free of the dark stains left by the other four adults—a particular spice found in wine shops. It demonstrates that this body is not at all Master Zhang’s.

Su left herself to covertly examine the corpse when she thought something was off after Han Yu appeared unexpectedly. Su Jiuer was equally helpless since she could not explain clearly if the inspection guards knew. Su Jiu’er relapsed. Han set her up and used the occasion to interrogate her. Su Jiu’er was forced to disclose her sickness, yet Han Jier didn’t buy it.

Warm on a Cold Night trailer

A still from the show.

Su Jiuer heard inspector Wei’s footsteps approaching and pleaded with Han Jiong to let her touch him. Desperately, she dragged him to her lips and kissed him. Su Jiu’er had been restored to normal after Yue Daren returned, and Han Yu could do nothing but lie next to the dead to avoid being seen.

Su Jiu’er’s cooperation with Yue Daren was something he wished for. It is best to find the three scars and present the evidence to Qiren so that no one will perish. Su Jiuer, however, declined because she stood for the truth over comfort. Han Ji, a little sore, was happy to hear what she had to say and thought Su Jiu’er might have a strange illness.

Warm on a Cold Night’s Episode 23 and Episode 24 release date

Episodes 23 and 24 of Warm on a Cold Night will be released on March 6, 2023. Warm on a Cold Night episodes 23 and 24 will premiere on iQiyi at 8 p.m. in China. While fans from around the world can stream Warm on a Cold Night episodes 23 and 24 at:

  • India: 5.30 p.m. IST
  • Canada: 7 a.m. EST
  • Australia: 11 p.m. AEDT
  • USA: 7 a.m. EST

Warm on a Cold Night episodes 23 and 24: where to watch

Warm on a Cold Night Episodes 23 and 24 will be available on iQiyi and Rakuten Viki at the abovementioned times. Fans must pay around three dollars for iQiyi and around seven dollars for Viki.

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