Marvel Reveals the Venomverse Officially

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Marvel Reveals the Venomverse Officially
Marvel Reveals the Venomverse Officially

Marvel has revealed the return of the Venomverse in a major announcement as a key component of the upcoming Summer of Symbiotes event. This exciting development will see the introduction of Venom’s multiverse into the official Marvel Comics canon, shedding light on its origins and greater implications.

According to the publisher, the Venomverse was created through the unique circumstances surrounding Eddie Brock’s ascension as the “true” King in Black. As a “nonlinear” being who exists outside of time, Brock’s peculiar condition has resulted in the creation of a multiverse unlike any other.

In a monumental development for the Marvel Universe, Al Ewing, Cafu, and Frank D’Armata’s latest release, “Venom (2021),” is poised to have a significant impact not only on the titular character but on the entire comic book world. The issue’s biggest revelation revolves around the true nature of the King in Black, who is depicted as the cosmic opposite of the Ivory Kings, known as the Beyonders.

According to the story, both Kings play a crucial role in maintaining and fixing the universal creation. However, while the Beyonders are linear beings who exist outside of reality, the King in Black operates from the inside, making their job “dirty” and “nonlinear.” Every decision Eddie makes creates an infinite number of alternative branches, a concept fundamental to the multiverse theory.

Marvel Reveals the Venomverse Officially

Marvel Comics has announced a new summer-long celebration to mark the fortieth anniversary of Venom’s debut. The event, called “Summer of Symbiotes,” will feature an Extreme Venomverse limited series that promises to introduce an array of alternative versions of the character, including a Samurai Venom and more.

Venom 2021 movie
Venom 2021 movie (Credit: Marvel)

The announcement comes on the heels of Marvel’s first attempt at the Venomverse with the Edge of the Venomverse limited series in 2017. The series was largely considered a failed attempt to capitalise on the success of the Spider-Verse franchise.

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This time around, however, Marvel is taking a different approach to the Venomverse. Instead of just introducing new versions of the character without any connection to the current Venom storylines, the upcoming Extreme Venomverse limited series will solidify Venomverse’s future as an important part of Marvel lore—at least for now.

Marvel’s Venom has undergone a monumental journey in the past few years, and it seems that this journey is far from over. The character was originally brought out of Spider-Man’s shadow by Donny Cates, who propelled him to company-leader prominence with the hit series King in Black. However, it is now Al Ewing’s work on Venom that is pushing things even further.

Marvel Venomverse
Marvel Venomverse (Credit: Marvel Comics)

Rather than just being the God of Symbiotes, Venom has now become a cosmically essential character that even surpasses the likes of Eternity and the Living Tribunal. Ewing’s work has taken the character to new heights, elevating him to a whole new level of importance in the Marvel Universe.

The impact of these developments cannot be overstated. Venom’s journey has been nothing short of momentous, and it seems that there is still plenty of ground to cover. Marvel fans are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this iconic character, and it seems that the possibilities are endless.

Marvel has laid a solid foundation for Venomverse

Marvel fans have been abuzz with excitement over the achievement of the Spider-Verse, a multiverse concept that brought various iterations of the iconic web-slinging superhero together on the big screen. One of the causes for the Spider-verse’s accomplishment was its unique approach to all adaption of Spider-Man, staying true to the nature of the character while providing a fresh and original spin.

Venom (Credit: Marvel)

Marvel is hoping to replicate that success with the Venomverse, and according to a recent article in Venom #18, they may have found the key to doing so. By relating the Venomverse to Eddie Brock in a significant way, Marvel has managed to avoid the pitfalls of other recent multiversal storylines, such as the Avengers’ underwhelming multiverse saga.

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The foundation established in this story and throughout the current Venom run bodes well for the future of the Venomverse nevertheless, Marvel has teased an end to the concept. Fans are hopeful that the unique and faithful approach to the nature of the character that made the Spider-Verse such a success will be applied to the Venomverse, ensuring that it becomes a beloved part of the Marvel Universe.

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