The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 3: When Will it Come Out?

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The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 3 release date is what fans are waiting for since the second season ended on Disney Plus. The series truly showcased a new theme completely on the channel. The story of the show was inspired by the mystery and adventure-themed books for children by Trenton Lee Stewart. We see that 4 children who are orphans are taken in by Mr. Benedict into his service.

They are trying to stop the global emergency but first, will have to find out who is causing it in the first place. This is a very intriguing series about how these kids solve the whole mystery and even manage to take down the antagonist forces who were responsible for the same. After a successful first season on the channel and the platform as well, the creators decided to renew the series for yet another season.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 2 has just ended on Disney Plus right now. It gave us a lot to discuss and especially a brand-new cliffhanger. We saw how the season mainly focused on Dr. Curtain as he is very excited about his whole happiness project. He is using techniques of manipulation or hypnotism in order to create temporary, addictive happiness among the people.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 3 Release Date
A still from The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 2

This can also be influenced by a TV screen as we saw Constance getting happy by Dr. Curtain’s program immediately. Another main issue is that the whole crew is divided. The children are trying to find Mr. Benedict who has been kidnapped by his brother along with Number Two. While Mr. Benedict is trying to change his brother for the better, the whole team reconciles. It is not until the last episode that we see their whole plan in action and even some emotional moments with Constance and the kids back again as a whole group.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 2 Recap

We saw how Dr. Curtain finally came to his senses after Mr. Benedict fooled him with his acting. He pretended to be in a coma which ultimately resulted in bringing the true emotions of love and fear out of him. The brother reconciled later as Curtain now finally understands how feelings work and is hoping to deal with them in a better way.

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As for Constance, she really goes into a coma. In order to reverse the process, which is caused by temporary happiness, the team decides to work on real happiness. Kate, Reynie, and Sticky start irritating Constance so that she will have the urge to insult them which ultimately makes her happy. As a result, Constance really did come back.

Dr. Curtain returns to his farm in order to use this intel and make things right. He finishes the Happiness project and also unfreezes the people who went into a coms at his place. The kids go back to their normal lives as they were living before it all started. Although, there was a huge cliffhanger for us.

A sister! Yes, you have read that right. Turns out that The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 3 will focus on a sister that Dr. Curtain and Mr. Benedict share. She is up to something and the two brothers will seemingly go against her in order to stop her from doing “something” which is not described to us yet.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 3 Release Date

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 3 release date is not confirmed. The third season has not been renewed by Disney Plus yet. It might take them some time to make the decision given the fact that the second installment has just ended. Previously, it took the creators almost three months to come up with the decision, and thus, there is plenty of time before we could hear anything about a new show. But it is good to know that there is enough plotline for the writers to follow if they ever decide to come back for a new season.

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