What Happened To Franco Harris? The Football Star Has Died At 72

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Want to know what happened to Franco Harris? With the news of his death, football fans are surprised and mourning the loss. Still, not everyone knows how did he die. Franco Harris passed away on Tuesday. Now, it is to see if he is suffering from any illness or something else.  Starting from the basics, people knew Franco Harris mainly for his playing service for Pittsburgh Steelers from 1972 to 1983. In the following year, he played for Seattle Seahawks. Talking about his position, Franco Harris used to play as the running back. 

Well, Franco was a football champion. He achieved several accolades, making it to the Pro Bowl nine times. He even won the Super Bowl Championships a few times.  Did you know Franco Harris also played college football at Penn State Nittany Lions? That was his passion for football sport, for which he started playing at a very young age. 

After retiring from football, Franco Harris turned himself into a businessman. He started owning and investing in companies. In 2011, he co-owned the football team Pittsburgh Passion. Also, he was associated with The Meadows Racetrack and Casino. 

Coming back to Franco Harris’ death, some of his fans are still not convinced. Is it fake news? Sadly, No! This is more because he was active on social media, even on his last days. So, it was sudden. If you are looking for what happened to Franco Harris, here is what we know. 

What Happened To Franco Harris
Franco Harris is no more with us

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What Happened To Franco Harris? Cause Of His Death 

It was on 20 December 2022, Franco Harris passed away peacefully at his home. Born in 1950, he was then 72 years old. Also, the day was just a couple of days before the 50th anniversary of the “Immaculate Reception.” The news shocked the entire NFL world.  Initially, the cause of Franco Harris’ death was not known. It was sudden, and fans started wondering more about it. Well, later, it was cited to be a “natural cause.” 

Joe Biden and Barack Obama also took it to their respective social media accounts. That was made to pay tribute to the Pro Football Hall of Famer. Little did you know, the US President shared a friendly relationship with Franco Harris for years. Franco Harris was majorly known for his character and compassion. Barack Obama addressed him as the “extraordinary man.” 

Well, the surprising part was, even on 19 December, that was on the day before his death, Franco spoke to the visitors at Heinz History Center. He appeared to be fit enough. Concerning his health status, even though he was 72, it didn’t seem like he was suffering from any illness. We are unsure about it. 

However, Franco Harris was confirmed about not getting hospitalized for any health check-up or medical treatment. He was at his home. After Terry Bradshaw heard the news of Franco passing away, he was in a “state of shock.” About Franco, he said, “as a teammate, he was just the best.” He didn’t play with the Seahawks for a long time. Still, the team shared a heartfelt message through a social media post, concerning Franco Harris’ death. 

What happened to Franco Harris
Franco Harris

His fans and colleagues started paying tribute to him online. It was pathetic for everyone to accept Franco Harris’ death news. May his soul rests in peace. Sending condolences to Franco’s family and close ones. We still believe that Franco Harris is alive within us. He will be badly missed, not just by the NFL world but by everyone. 

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