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How Did Kurama Die in Boruto Manga? – Explained

Over the years, Naruto and Boruto series showed many heart-wrenching moments with lots of sad deaths and other tragedies. However, the death of Kurama may be the most heart-breaking and saddest death so far. This came out as a shock to the viewers when chapter 55 of the spin-off series of Naruto titled “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” dropped this week. Rumors were going around for weeks, if not, months about Naruto’s death, but none of us saw this coming. The death of our beloved anime character took the internet by storm within a few hours as people keep posting about it and sharing their views about the tragic scene. The ancient nine-tailed beast had a major role in the series ever since the first episode of Naruto.

Spoilers Ahead

Now that he’s gone, major changes are bound to happen in the Leaf Village, especially with Naruto who practically spent his entire life with Kurama. Kurama’s death leaves behind many questions such as; what will happen next or what effect his death will have on Naruto? However, the main question remains – how exactly did Kurama die in the series? It’s almost impossible to kill the creature, as it is the strongest, even among the other tailed beasts. The power of a tailed beast is something humans have feared for centuries, and Kurama, being the strongest of them all, has always been invincible. Here, we will discuss the death of Kurama and his farewell to Naruto.

The Plot of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

Boruto team

The series takes place years later after the fourth great shinobi war. Naruto finally achieved his lifelong dream and is now the Hokage of Leaf Village. He has a family with Hinata, consisting of two children, Boruto and the younger daughter Himawari. Meanwhile, Sasuke and Sakura eventually get together and have a daughter named Sarada. There’s also a mysterious Mitsuki, who seems to have a relation with Orochimaru. Initially, the series reveals Mitsuki to be his son. However, we later learn that Mitsuki is a biologically engineered human being created by Orochimaru with the embryo, same as the older Mitsuki.

The story revolves around Boruto as the main character, who aspires to become a shinobi like Sasuke. Whereas, Sarada aspires to become a Hokage like Naruto. The duo is assigned a team with Konohamaru as their leader and they have another member, Mitsuki, who seems pretty mysterious. The series follows their adventures as they fight with outer space villains who are related to Kaguya in some way. Moreover, Boruto and the others also learn more about the ancient powers that are all somehow linked with Sharingan.

How Did Kurama (Nine-Tailed Beast) Die?

How Did Kurama Die

Naruto and Kurama used the Baryon Mode against Isshiki and Ohtustsuki, causing Kurama to use excessive chakra and then killing him. Chapter 55 of the series starts with Naruto having a talk with Kurama in his subconscious mind. Naruto believes that he is dead, but Kurama interrupts him and says that he came to say his farewell. Kurama says that this will be their last conversation so he asks Naruto to start talking. Naruto doesn’t know where to begin so he starts talking about his parents’ death and says that the two of them have been through a lot.

Naruto says that he is glad to have Kurama with him all those years and thanked him for that. Kurama seems disappointed seeing Naruto talked so less. Kurama says that Baryon Mode worked and they were able to take down Ohtsutsuki. He seems pretty relaxed about the situation. Kurama even jokes that he didn’t want to chase his tails and die in vain, adding that this isn’t a bad way to die. He then explains to Naruto that even though a Jinchuriki dies when someone extracts the beast from a host’s body, that doesn’t apply when the beast’s chakra simply vanishes.

Kurama later adds that even though it seems to others that Naruto is dead, he will wake up soon. This surprises Naruto and Kurama finally reveals that the cost of using the Baryon Mode is his life, not Naruto’s. He also says that he deliberately hid the truth from Naruto because the latter would then hesitate to use the power. Kurama says that he has to go and asks Naruto to be careful because he won’t have superhuman powers, anyone. Kurama later adds that if Naruto ever overdoes it, then he will join Kurama in no time. He vanishes from Naruto’s subconscious telling him to be well until they meet.

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