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How To Watch Naked And Afraid: Solo Episodes? Streaming Guide

How To Watch Naked And Afraid: Solo Episodes? Streaming Guide. Credits: Discovery

A brand-new reality TV survival series called Naked and Afraid: Alone has recently appeared on television. Eight candidates will be followed on the show as they survive 21 days in hostile conditions scattered across three continents. The streaming details of Naked and Afraid: Solo is what the show’s fans wonder about.

This post will answer the question: “How to watch Naked and Afraid: Solo episodes? Famous survivalists from either the Naked or Afraid series will make a comeback for the series to take on a new challenge. It’s difficult enough to endure 21 days with a partner in some of the worst circumstances. But the skilled survivor will have to spend 21 days alone this time. The obstacles “bring many others to their knees,” the channel further promises.

Part of the Naked and Afraid franchise, Naked and Afraid: Solo on Discovery will see some of the most skilled survivalists again take on the task. They won’t have a partner this time, so they must rely on their ingenuity and abilities to get through this voyage independently.

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What should we expect from Naked and Afraid: Solo?

According to the official overview of the show, “NAKED AND AFRAID,” survivalists have weathered the most trying surroundings on earth and demonstrated the need to work together to overcome challenging circumstances.

Naked And Afraid: Solo trailer

A still from the show. Credits: Discovery

Eight of the most seasoned survivalists from the genre will attempt to make it through 21 days entirely alone in this brand-new series. The settings for this arced series are dispersed over three continents and include some of the world’s most inhospitable and inaccessible regions.

Each episode chronicles several survivalists as they embark on the toughest challenge of their lifetimes, regardless of whether it’s a bug-infested South American jungle, a chilly African scrubland, or a scorching Mexican jungle. No one will guide the eight new cast members on their voyage. Their ability to persevere for 21 days depends on their creativity, skills, and will.

Who will participate in Naked and Afraid: Solo?

Jamie Frizzel

Adventurer and lifeguard Jamie doesn’t put up with crap. He is from Scotland and also works as a bushcraft instructor. He completed the 21-day tribe challenge and survived. But after two days of XL Next Level, he gave up.

Fernando Calderon

Fernando is a married fire captain from Simi Valley, California, and the father of four children. He has always maintained an optimistic outlook, has not quit on any obstacle and has traveled with his girlfriend.

Suzette Zeta

Suzanne is a Virginia native and the mother of four children. She is a cancer researcher with a doctorate. When it comes to overcoming obstacles, Suzanne is no stranger—whether it is from her early life or the renowned reality TV program. She finished a 21-day challenge in which her partner gave up too soon.

Naked And Afraid: Solo trailer

A still from the series. Credits: Discovery

Lewis James

James is a native of Florida’s Tallahassee. Once it comes to creating traps, he is adept. With his recently deceased father, the man is adamant about finishing this challenge alone. James has participated in two tasks thus far, and he’s now finished both of them.

Cheeny Plante

Cheeny has prior experience serving as an Air Force SERE instructor. She is a master of many skills. Before engaging in combat, Cheeny also educated her comrades on survival. Cheeny had previously participated in and finished the 21-day test in South Africa.

Shanika Malcom

Shanika is the sole parent of three children. She is an innovator, a yoga teacher, and a nurturer. Shanika is from Jamaica and has a deep connection to nature. She is also the first lady of African descent to participate in a 21-day challenge.

Terra Short

When trans woman Terra Short is left alone in the wilderness with only her talents and a knife to survive, she feels like herself. She is a skilled bow hunter and a single mother. Their hometown is Alabama.

Kaila Cummings

Kaila enjoys making knives and bows and arrows. Kaila is already back for her revenge season in Naked and Afraid: Solo, ready to complete the adventure alone after opting out of the XL Next Level. In South Africa, Kaila has already completed a 21-day and a 40-day challenge.

What time will the new episodes of Naked and Afraid: Solo come out?

The new episodes of Naked and Afraid: Solo will air every Sunday at 10 p.m. in the US via Discovery. The following nations and regions can stream Naked and Afraid: Solo Episodes at these hours:

  • For the watchers watching from Australia: (Monday) 2:01 p.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time 
  • For the viewers watching from India: (Monday) 8.31 a.m. Indian Standard Time (March 20).
  • For the watchers living in the UK: (Monday) 3 a.m. Greenwich means time (March 20).

How to Watch Naked and Afraid: Solo Episodes

Naked and Afraid: Solo Episodes will stream via Fubo TV and Discovery+ at the listed hours. The show’s fans have to compare their local area times with those written here.

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