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Best Anime For Kids – Anime Suitable for Children, Must Watch!

Is anime for kids? It’s just for adults right? Or is it only for kids? It’s so simple but people tend to get it wrong, just like there are movies for kids and for adults, there are anime for kids and anime for adults. See, simple!

So what are some anime that kids can watch, currently every single trending anime arent what you call kid-friendly? Making your child watch Attack On Titan would be the easiest way to scar him or her for the rest of her life, so here are a few that they can watch and have fun doing so!




Yes, the legendary Pokemon! This anime single-handedly holds the title for influencing a ton of kids and adults around the world. It’s a near to impossible task to find someone who hasn’t heard of Pokemon, everyone knows Pikachu, AsH Ketchum, and so on.

We don’t need to explain the story behind Pokemon cause like we said time and time again there isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of Pokemon.

Ash and his adorable group of animal-themed creatures have been entertaining us for over a decade now, from anime to games, to movies they have done it all.

It’s a guaranteed fact that even many years down the road we’d still be turning on our holographic futuristic TV to watch a new adventure that Ask Ketchum and Pikachu embarks on. They have been an influence and a role model for kids and we thank them for that.

Some facts about Pokemon:

Satoshi Tajiri is the mastermind behind this worldwide phenomenon, yes Pokemon can be termed as a worldwide phenomenon. In Japan Pokemon is also known as Pocket Monsters, the series actually began under the name Pocket Monsters: Red And Green, when it was released outside of Japan it translated to Pokemon.

The total number of Pokemon that has appeared all throughout the franchise’s games, movies, and the main tv series would be a whopping 898!

The franchise is one of the biggest things out there, containing over 20 games, more series than we can count, and a huge roster of films pertaining to said series. Recently Detective Pikachu released a Hollywood Blockbuster starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith. We can say without a doubt Pokemon seems to be conquering every platform it touches.

Watch a trailer for one of the movies here:


Doraemon Content

Another legend, our very own robotic cat best friend Doraemon. We’d be lying to ourselves if we say we haven’t dreamt of having Doraemon as our best friend.

Just like Pokemon, Doraemon has had a special place in the hearts of little kids. The whole series is written in such a way that the viewers, the kids are getting a friend o to grow up with. The group of kids and their life with Doraemon is written so well that the viewers do feel like they are part of the group.

The series with each and every episode spreads a particularly positive message. It does a really good job of spreading positivity to the young and impressionable minds of children, at the same time it is very much educational as well. All of these are the reason why Doraemon feels like your best friend, you learn with him, you grow with him, and you have fun with him.

This is one of the best anime you can get your kids hooked on, they’ll learn nothing but good things. thank you Doaremon for spreading such a good message around the world and all in all for being such a good friend to everyone.

To anyone who doesn’t know the series, which is highly unlikely this is a short summary.

Doraemon is the robotic cat send from the future by a kid who wants to help out his great grandfather, Nobita. From then on Nobita and Doraemon become best friends, well more like brothers. They fight constantly, have fun, and at the end of the day, both of them are there for each other whatever the circumstances.

So being from the future Doraemon has this pouch containing all of these weird and futuristic gadgets. Like for example, he has this anyway door that will teleport you to any place in the world, he has a bamboo copter which is basically a cap you can wear and fly around in, you get the gist.

So with the help of these gadgets, Doraemon helps Nobita who is a very weak student when it comes to academics, sports, hobbies, well just about everything. Nobita isn’t is afraid to take advantage of Doraemon and his gadgets which leads to more and more problems down the road which keeps the fun of the series alive.

This amazing story is supported by some of the most amazing characters. First off Nobita has his biggest crush Shizuka, the two guys who bully him Gian and Suniyo, and a nerd who occasionally fills the role of the irritating friend. All of these character types give us pure top-class comedy that can be enjoyed by people from all age groups.

Just by looking at how much Doraemon has influenced a generation of kids in Japan, we can see how well the show is.

Here are some details about this wonderful show:

Fujiko Fujio is the master behind Doraemon. This robotic cat has his own birth certificate indicating his birthday to be 3rd September 2112 and also says he was born or made in the city of Kawasaki, Kanagawa, which is also the city where the original manga was created.

Fujiko Fujio is actually the pen name for a writing team consisting of Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

There is a story for how they created this iconic character. Hiroshi was thinking of ideas for a new manga when he wished for a machine that would generate good ideas instantly. Moments later he trips on her daughter’s toy and hears some cats fighting in the neighborhood. Combining all of this his mind struck an idea and Doraemon came to be!

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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball


Another legendary entry! We know we have overused the word legendary in this article, but no one can argue against the fact about these shows being legendary.

Goku, a household name, an icon for everyone out there. Goku is literally a tool of measurement of power, a new superhero comes by the first question anyone would ask is can he beat Goku? And no, we don’t think anyone can.

This anime is something every single human being should have watched at least once in their life, let alone kids or adults. Everyone needs to be friends with Goku and his family.

Dragon Ball and it’s sequel series has given us some iconic characters no one else can match with. The writing, we don’t have the words. We can feel how the writers poured their heart and soul into writing each and every character. Every single goofy, lovable character in this series stays with us forever, there is someone for everyone in this anime.

The story is something else, it has literally become a tradition to teach your kids about the ways of the Saiyan.

This show has without a doubt some of the most jaw-dropping fights, every single one of these cliffhanger fights is like iconic moments in history.

Vegeta yelling “It’s over 9000!” is iconic, Goku going Super Saiyan for the first time is iconic. Frieza himself is one of the best villains you’ll lay your eyes on, Kamehameha=Iconic, Goku mastering Ultra Instinct, you guessed it, ICONIC!

Just like Pokemon, you don’t need to know about the story of Dragon Ball, this is something you are born into. Everyone knows the story, anyone who watches anime knows that teaching their kids about Dragon ball is a part of being a good parent.

So let’s look at some facts about this iconic anime:

This mega series is a creation by the one the only Akira Toriyama. His manga was were translated into a series by Toei Animation, namely Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

The series is being broadcast in over 80 countries, the manga sold over 300 million copies worldwide making it the second best selling material, just behind One Piece.

The impact this show had on pop culture and just people, in general, is in no way small. The franchise created multiple series, Hollywood movies, anime movies, best-selling video games, best selling mobile games, and so on.

Watch one of the movie trailers here:

These according to us are three anime that your kids can and should watch, in no time will you be playing Super Saiyan with your kids. Do make sure that your kid doesn’t chase around your cat or dog thinking it’s a Pokemon.


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