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Spoilers And Preview: The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 16

Spoilers And Preview: The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8, Episode 16

Today we’ll be digging further into The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 16. One of the shows that have been carrying the brand of History Channel. The Curse Of Oak Island, a reality show featuring an elite team of treasure hunters. Traveling on the infamous Oak Island, looking for its deep buried treasure. Currently, the show is on its eighth consecutive season. It has so far covered 15 episodes with an upcoming sixteenth episode on its way. From a mysterious stone structure that could be a pathway to a money pit part, there was a heck of discovery made in the previous episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” titled “Cask and You Shall Receive”. So here we are taking a look at everything that happened previously and what we can expect next from The Curse Of Oak Island.

The Curse Of Oak Island follows two brothers Marty and Rick Lagina from Kingsford, Michigan, as they unravel the secrets of Oak Island.  From the history of the island, recent discoveries to various theories. They attempt to break down the treasure hidden there. Traveling on some of the mysterious locations of the island.

Previously On The Curse Of Oak Island

So, the last episode of The Curse Of Oak Island saw hunting on the south-eastern part of the swamp. There they discovered a mysterious stone structure that intrigued them further. So, hoping to find more about the structure the team confined the area started digging more. The deeper they dug, it seemed like the more they were close to a money pit.

Spoilers And Preview: The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8, Episode 16

After digging further inside the swamp, the team was met with an object that reads 9 inches within a few rocks. The team had put away large cargos just in case they might interfere with whatever they were dealing with. So, digging in further, they discovered an ox shoe nail. After much speculation, the team considered that whatever pathway it is it was used for hauling heavy material.

A similar ox shoe nail was found at Nolan’s cross. The team decides to dig in more if these two discoveries have some connection somehow. So, the team continued digging hoping to find some clue that could connect these two discoveries and head them closer to many pits. Upon digging in, they found a piece of a wooden barrel that comes from the 1400s which might be part of the money pit. The research suggested to the team that Money Pit could contain barrels to store some piece of treasure.

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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 16 Release Date

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 16 is releasing on March 2, 2021, and the episode is titled “Leather Bound”. It will air its regular time at 9 pm ET and 8 pm CT on History Channel. For streaming more episodes, The Curse Of Oak Island is available on History Channel’s official site. All episodes are also available to buy through Amazon Prime.

The next episode could answer the question of the discovery of a mysterious stone structure was worth it. Plus, what do these ox shoe nails mean for the island? How are these two discoveries connected with each other? Plus, is the wooden barrel really part of some money pit that could lead them to the treasure there seeking. There is a lot more.

Spoilers And Preview: The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8, Episode 16

So, the upcoming sixteenth episode of The Curse Of Oak Island is titled, “‘Leather Bound”. The official synopsis of the episode states that Marty and Rick will be bound to solve a 225-year-old mystery after a mysterious object they discover. The duo and their team are all set to introduce some new drilling strategy that could help them in digging more carefully.

The question remains, will this new drilling strategy get them a step closer towards a money pit that will lead them to some priceless treasure. Much like gold, jewels, or probably some important documents. The discoveries could be religious or sacred artifacts. The discoveries could also be the key to the history of the infamous Oak Island. Plus, this may lead to the revealing of further secrets of the storied island in the North Atlantic. There is a lot more for the upcoming sixteenth episode of The Curse Of Oak Island.

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