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Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Read

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 76
Record Of Ragnarok Cover (Credits: Viz)

Are you excited about Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75? We got you! The recent chapter picks up from where we left off, and now having seen the full history between   Beelzebub and Hades. You can notice just how deep Hades, as a character, cuts into the story now, right?

Even in retrospect, you can notice how it was never a coincidence that we saw Beelzebub as a character get revealed in chapter 49, only for Hades to get revealed in chapter 50 back during round six, so I really appreciate how the rounds themselves can cover so much more ahead of time without us even noticing.

It made this back to back reveals carry so much more important than we had realized at the time. I had even gone so so far as this made their character reveal so much more impressive than the Buddha revealed that we got in the middle of round five. And again, a large part of that is because of Hades, the way his character impacted the story ever since round three.

It makes me wish I could read the story all over again with brand new eyes but also, just seeing Hades and his full glory is a whole new bonus for me because when it comes to my favorite from God’s Side, I would have to say Hades and Hercules are in my top two, and I really couldn’t tell you which I could prefer over the other at this point, especially after everything we learned in this chapter. 

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 74 Recap

We are seeing Hades, make the first move, it looks like he was able to knock back Beelszebub with his site in here, but it is important to note that even though it is not outright stated, we are most likely not seeing Beelzebub in his top form here, right?

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75

Record Of Ragnarok Cover (Credits: Viz)

I mean, even Hades had made a comment in the previous chapter about him taking on his current state, so it’s implied that Hades has the upper hand here in terms of conditioning regardless, so I assume we are not supposed to take this at face value. In other words, I wouldn’t reference back to this if we are wondering who wins in an honest competition between Beelzebub vs. Hades. 

We are probably off waiting for the end of round eight before we get into that, but we also can’t forget we are seeing Beelzebub fighting Hades without the staff of Apomius, so clearly, the Beelzebub we see in round eight is a more different version than the one we are getting here.

Regardless, it’s not seeing the story give Hades his flowers like we see him fight at his peak here and essentially Ragdolling Beelszebub without much issue, but again I think that meant to be expected. 

So, after sending Beelzebub just flying backward and crashing through one or two buildings, we see them take this pause mid-fight to where Beelzebub has a moment of release and says you sure are the king of Helheim, so strong I cannit win, but with this, I can finally die. 

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75

Record Of Ragnarok Cover (Credits: Viz)

His initial reaction was very similar to what we saw in his conversation with Adamus during round seven when again, he looks excited when he thinks about his death. After Hades finally asks him the big question here, Beelzebub then tries to finish the job himself by using Palmyra to strike at his own heart, but then something really happens. We are then seeing his hands start to form within his arm and resist Beelzebub from hurting himself.   

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75 Spoilers

After witnessing the events of the last chapter, this is where I just have to say I just don’t believe this is any kind of curse that Lilith had put on him, and I think what Hades ends up saying next confirms that for us when he says, “Such a fool, I don’t know what happened between you and the Lilith or whoever, but even someone like myself can tell what she meant to say that tattoo is no curse, it is a prayer.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75 Release Date

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75 is scheduled to be released on February 10, 2023.

  • 1:00 PM IST (India Standard Time)
  • 3:00 PM PKST (Pakistan Standard Time)
  • 2:30 PM JST (Japan Standard Time)
  • 3:30 PM KST (Korea Standard Time)
  • 3:30 PM MYT (Malaysia Time)
  • 3:30 PM WIT (Western Indonesia Time)

How To Read Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75

You can read the upcoming Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75 as well as the previous releases of the manga series directly on Viz Media, where you can purchase both digital as well as the paperback edition in volume form.

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