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Best Games That You Can Play On Your Nintendo Switch Right Now

best games
The Best Games To Play On Nintendo Switch..

The best Nintendo Switch games are a real celebration of the top titles you will experience on Nintendo’s new console.. There are games that should at least be on your wishlist, if not already firmly installed on your Button. The uniqueness of this best Switch games list is that there’s something here for everybody since the Nintendo Switch is perfectly placed to deliver something a bit different. Plus, a look at the future Switch games reveals that there’s already a lot to come.

so here are the very best games you’re going to be playing on your Nintendo Switch right now.

1. Dark Souls: Remastered

What’s left to talk about the Dark Souls who haven’t been spewed out in violence, rage, and pure, unfiltered joy? Daddy of tough-as-nails action games, he spawned a thousand imitators and a zillion swear words as explorers hunt the dangerous land of Loran.

Taking a methodical and meticulous approach to battle, it is as unforgiving as satisfying, rendering any hard-won win over its monstrous adversaries a true accomplishment. Often equal, he’s also a master of environmental storytelling, steadily exposing his secrets when you take knowledge of his processes and best of his enemies. Dark Souls: Remastered isn’t as pretty on the screen as it is on PS4 or Xbox One, but it does have the extra bonus of going to play (don’t just go jurors on the bus).

2. Gris

Gris is an experimental game full of bright colours and immersive escape. From Nomada Studio, GRIS is different from most of the games on the list because it focuses on its stunning look with simple controls and a relatable storyline. As far as gameplay is concerned, it’s a wonderful puzzle/platformer that you’ll have to try to regain the world of colour, but, aesthetically, it’s one of the most stunning games.

The colour spectrum develops the more you play, and when you select colours and progress through the level, you’ll be taken to various areas and places that are just as beautiful I can’t help but spam the screenshot press. This is a pretty little game that shines absolutely on Turn. There are no tough boss clashes, complicated battles or dubious DLCs, it’s a clear visual tale that can be interpreted in any spoken language. All you’ve got to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

3. Hollow Knight

As we’re all waiting for a new Metroid Prime title to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, you can always patch your side-scrolling Metroidvania with the superb Hollow Knight. You know the score – you’re in the middle of a strenuous map that steadily exposes its size as you discover new abilities to navigate exceedingly challenging obstacles and take on ever-more monstrous enemies. Secrets sit around every corner, and the feeling of accomplishment you get when you backtrack to a formerly impossible place after you’ve been armed with the right expertise is unsurpassed in all games.

Hollow Knight distinguishes himself from other Metroidvania games with his distinct art style (mysterious underground bug town? Count us in) and his nodes to the Dark Souls game, difficult boss fights, and oddly remote residents of his subterranean world. Easily one of the greatest Nintendo Switch games emerged

4. Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield have all the addicting monster hunting, battling, and exploration that makes the series brilliant while making some major improvements to Game Freak’s favored RPG recipe. The London-inspired Galar region features the most complex landscapes the franchise has ever seen, with wild Pokémon-filled jungle-style wilderness areas that are a major test for experienced trainers.

Further cementing Sword and Shield as some of the best Nintendo Switch games are Dynamax fights, which allow you to briefly complete your Pokémon giant with strong new moves for epic, large-scale gym fights. You’ll also love Maximum Raids that take on giant Pokémon with other players, a lot of interactive online functionality, and some of the best Pokémon designs you’ve ever gotten.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition

One of the most beloved role-playing games of this generation (and potentially all-time) has eventually arrived on the Nintendo Switch. As its name suggests, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt-Complete Version packs in every piece of content contained in the CD Project Red’s huge open-world adventure, plus all previously available downloadable content (including common Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions).

Although The Witcher 3’s Switch Port is sacrificing visual consistency in the name of playability, it still features the same huge setting, gripping story-telling, and rewarding fighting that made Geralt of Rivia ‘s third outing so unforgettable. And now you can take that all away.

6. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Skyrim may be a nine-year-old title, but the portability of the Nintendo Switch makes it feel new again. What was once a strictly home console and PC game can now be played on your trip, and there’s no doubt that having the crazy world of Skyrim in the palm of your hand is exhilarating.

For a bit of innovation, the game also supports the Joy-Con motion control joystick so that you can swing your sword and draw your bow in real life. It’s a brand different style of playing. This is the full open world Skyrim experience for the Nintendo Switch, with all the DLCs, so we’re very sure that we’re going to have one of the best Switch games right now.

7. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

Samurai Jack is not only a faithful interpretation of the iconic Cartoon Network Show — it’s still one of the best pure action-combat games you can find on the Turn. Part hack-and-slash, part platformer, War Over Time has a remarkably complex fighting structure that lets you unleash a number of powerful moves and mix them in flashy ways.

The game’s beautiful art style looks like classic cartoons come to life, and also brings back original voice actors (including Phil LaMarr as Jack himself). Whether you’re a fan of the show or just want a big slice-em-up on Turn, you can’t go wrong with Fight Over Time.

8. Cuphead

One of the best platformers of the decade is finally on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s as entertaining, stunning, and brutal as ever. Cuphead marries airtight, incredibly demanding ball-light 2D side-scrolling gameplay with a lovely jazz soundtrack and a hand-drawn 1930s-inspired artwork that looks straight out of a classic Disney cartoon.

The outcome is a crushingly difficult game that you’re going to feel pushed to drive around due to its enjoyable shoot-em-up gameplay and encroaching aesthetics. Studio MDHR’s indie masterpiece sounds really at home on Move, whether you’re battling the Devil and his pals with a nearby co-op mate or kicking out a few bosses on the run.


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