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What Happened To Brian Williams? Everything To Know

Brian Williams

Famous American journalist Brian Williams has been very much in the news since he left the NBC and MSNBC platforms, and thus now everyone wants to know the real reason for what exactly happened to him and why he left. Brian Williams is a very known famous American journalist. He is also a television news anchor, best known for being an anchor on NBC Nightly News.

Being a well-known journalist, Brian has reported on various political elections, conflicts, and natural disasters, even with notable figures, which has provided him with multiple journalist accolades and honors throughout his career. Known for covering major events and broadcasting interviews with prominent public figures, he has established a name in the journalism industry while winning Emmy Awards and George Polk Award. 

But apart from all of the success that the journalist received throughout his career, he also got involved in numerous controversies, which made people want to perceive everything regarding his professional life, from getting involved in the Iraq war controversy to signing off from MSNBC. In this article, we will discuss the exact breakdown of what actually happened to him. 

What happened to Brian Williams? Why was he suspended from NBC? 

The very big blot on Brian William’s career can be of those times when he got suspended, which does not only question today’s practice of authenticated journalism but also broke the millions of trust that people had towards Brian Williams.

He was initially a reporter for NBC’s ‘Nightly News.’ But the story goes back to the times of the Iraq war when it was discovered that Brian made a false statement regarding his experience in covering the Iraq war, he at the time of the Iraq war stated that the helicopter in which he was in was hit by a rocket during the war, but after a lot of research geared this statement’s attention and it thus came to be known that it was not valid. 

Later it became revealed that Williams was initially in a different helicopter that was flying nearby at the time of the incident. With these false claims surrounding Brian’s image at that time, he officially came out and apologized for the mistake claiming that he “misremembered” the events.

What happened to Brian Williams

Brian Williams, Credits: NBC News

Therefore the result of all of this untruthful events led to Brian’s suspension in 2015. NBC, the media platform, suspended the journalist for six months without pay. Therefore NBC suspended him for misrepresenting the events and providing false claims during the wartime period.

But this suspension was just only for some time. When after their suspension from NBC News in 2015, he came back to the media platform in a different role. He returned to the anchor job and became the anchor for the 11 pm newscast called ‘The 11th Hour’ in 2016 on cable channel MSNBC, thus becoming the news anchor for the breaking and special coverage news reports. 

Why did Brian Williams sign off from his MSNBC show?

In 2021 Brian Williams signed off from his MSNBC show ‘The 11th Hour’, which was one of the greatest journalistic anchoring gigs in Brian’s career. The reason which is highlighted for his signing off from the show is due to the completion of his contract after when he hosted his final episode of ‘The 11th Hour’.

Therefore while completing his 28 years of tenure hosting and performing the duty of an anchor on his show ‘The 11th Hour’, the show gained a wider amount of popularity and relevance among its fans. The journalist also hosted the last episode of the show, bidding goodbye to the viewers while also exposing the future of America. 

What happened to Brian Williams

Brian Williams, Credits: Poynter

What made Brian Williams so famous in terms of his work?

Brian William made a lot of contributions in terms of his journalistic career. His unrepresented Iraq war claims did not even stop him from contributing to his work with his anchoring gigs and over-the-top television episodes. Throughout Brian’s time at NBC, he covered the biggest events that, too, were very prominent ones. From the Olympic games to presidential elections to covering the interviews of the biggest public personalities on his show, the journalist makes sure to bring truth to the table. 

Even after getting suspended from NBC in 2015 for misrepresenting events, he continued his role and got the opportunity to work for the MSNBC channel, which led the way to his own show ‘The 11th Hour with Brian Williams’ in 2016.

Even after signing off from the platforms, the journalist will still be known as one of the best news anchors NBC ever head and who himself devoted 28 years of his service to one of the greatest media platforms.

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