The Last Of Us Episode 6 Filming Locations: Where Is The River Of Death Is Located?

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The Last of Us 2023
Protagonists of The Last of Us (Credit: HBO)

HBO’s new fictional-supernatural creation, The Last of Us, has been admired by many fans around the world. Released in the year 2023, The Last of Us is inspired by the game released in 2013 of the same name. Many players of the game have appreciated how beautifully the creators adapted the video game and converted it into the most watch-worthy drama series.

The Last of Us follows the story of a smuggler named Joel and a teenager named Ellie. Joel gets assigned the work of escorting Ellie to a safe place that is supposedly infected with the fungal infection, which was the reason for turning people into zombie-like creatures 20 years back.

While on their journey, they come across many difficulties, but they deal with them while keeping themselves safe from their enemies. The Last of Us is ongoing and has already exceeded the expectations of fans. What fans liked the most about The Last of US was the locations where the cast of the series traveled to.

Since episode 1, the protagonists of the show are shown traveling to different places and meeting different people. But the locations from episode 6 captivated fans’ attention, and they became curious about where these places are located. So, read till the end if you want to know about all the eye-catching locations that are featured in the 6th episode of The Last of Us.

Canmore Engine Bridge:

Joel and Ellie crossing the river of death was one of the iconic scenes featured in episode 6 of The Last of Us. So, do you know where the river of death is located and how you can get there? Well, we have got you covered! The bridge that Joel and Ellie cross over the river of death is Canmore Engine Bridge which is located in Canmore town in Alberta.

Canmore Engine Bridge
The bridge that Ellie and Joel Cross in Episode 6 of The Last of Us (Credit: 660 News)

The captivating view of mountains, rivers, and glaciers is what attracts many tourists to the Canmore Engine Bridge. If you want to travel there, you need to start your journey from Canmore town and cover a distance of 6 Kilometres to reach the Canmore Engine Bridge. The bridge is 97 meters long, so it may take 15 minutes for you to cross the bridge. 

Horseshoe Falls:

One of the locations that the duo traveled to in episode 6 is the Horseshoe Falls. Horseshoe falls, based in Ontario province of Canada, has been one of the tourist attractions for a long time. Horseshoe falls is one of the three biggest waterfalls in Canada that forms Niagara falls. If you are in Canada or traveling to Canada, there is no way that you skip this beautiful location featured in HBO’s The Last of Us.

Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls

Mount Royal University and SAIT College:

In episode 6, The University of Eastern Colorado, where Ellie and Joel travel to meet the fireflies, is Mount Royal University which is located in Calgary Town in Alberta. Additionally, Some of the scenes were also taken at  SAIT college.

The university even shared some pictures from the set to let fans know about their beautiful campus, which had been used as the setting for one of the well-known series of The USA. The students from both of these universities enjoyed watching their campuses turning into the set for The Last of Us, and they even shared pictures of the set across all their social media accounts. 

The Last of of Set
SAIT college during the shoot of The Last of Us (Credit: SAIT College Twitter)

Other Locations:

The Canmore and Calgary cities located in Alberta became the primary location for filming the whole episode. One of the locations that fans loved the most was Bow River, which Ellie and Joel reached while finding their way toward the river of death.

Bow River The Last of Us
A Scene from The Last of Us filmed at the Bow River (Credit: HBO)

Canmore is also depicted as the town of Jackson, Wyoming, where Ellie reconciles with her brother Tommy. Additionally, there are many other glorious locations, such as Willow Lane Barn, Foothills County, and Mosseleigh became a crucial part of The Last of Us to elevate the attraction of episode 6.

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