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Why Did Malcolm X Change His Name? Answered

why did malcolm x change his name
Malcolm X, Credits: The Washington Post

You might not have heard about the name of the great revolutionary, Malcolm X; he was a popular man in the 1960s, well, and many of today’s revolutionaries still follow him for what he did and what his works when in that time when racial discrimination was a common thing.

Well, he was both a revolutionary and a controversial man who preached the idea of giving reputation and treating black Afro-Americans equally.

Malcolm X, who originally wasn’t born with this name, his real name was Malcolm Little was an American minister, human rights activist, and thus the advocate for black nationalism in the United States. Best known for his speeches, his publications, his writings, and his activism, he promoted racial equality and black rights in the United States.

As a young boy, he also felt racially discriminated against by the whites, and therefore young Malcolm always dealt with racism and harassment threats from the white population.

Thus, Malcolm is one of the great figures who worked immensely to eradicate the seed of black racism and discrimination in the United States; initially facing himself from the very start made Malcolm realize the situations that the other black populations living in the United States had to go through, which made him the biggest power for the black groups who came forward to preach the world regarding the end that should be put to racial discrimination. 

But there are still some questions that exist regarding Malcolm’s life; why did he change his name? Did he ever go to jail? But the most important thing is how did he die? This article will provide you with each and every detail regarding some unknown questions that everybody wants an answer to.

Why Did Malcolm Change His Name?

Malcolm’s original name was Malcolm Little, but he later changed his name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X, but what exactly made him change his name?

Malcolm went to jail in 1946, where he had a lot of free time to spend on anything, therefore which made him read a lot and therefore he used to read loads of Islam books that preached to him about Islamic philosophy, which made him, ultimately join the Nation of Islam, which was the group of people in Prison, Black Muslim who supported Black nationalism.

why did malcolm x change his name

Malcolm X, Credits: The Washington Post

And therefore,e in this whole process of supporting and respecting while learning a lot about Islamic traditions, ideas, and philosophies, Malcolm changed his name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm since ‘Little’ corresponded with the notions of slavery and ‘X’ represented the unknown name of his true African Ancestors, that made Malcolm change his name from ‘Little’ to. ”.

Thus changing his name meant that he also changed his religion to Islam, therefore prison, he became the leader of the Nation of Isla,m and the thing that made him keen to learn and join the Nation of Islam was the message of Black empowerment, the self-reliance that he saw in Islam and in the Nation of Islam which made him accept Islam as his religion.

Was Malcolm Ever Jailed? Why?

Well, there has not been only one time, but multiple times that Malcolm had been arrested; in 1946, he was arrested for larceny and breaking and entering the property, which made him enter prison, but that entry was worth it for him, since he was able to see his vision through learning and attaining the philosophy of Islam.

But even after that, he was arrested multiple times for the controversial public speeches he gave, the kind of activism that he did,d which even brought riots and damaged the country’s peace. 

These multiple arrests were obviously made to silence him or stop him regarding the message that he held of black nationalism and racial equality.

why did malcolm x change his name

Malcolm X, Credits: Teen Vogue

How Did Malcolm Die?

Malcolm was assassinated in 1965 when he was giving his speech at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City; he was shot by three Muslims who shot him while he was giving his speech. His assassination was one of the very infamous acts that were committed since his murder encouraged numerous riots and violence from his followers in various parts of the United States. 

However, Malcolm, even today, remains the person who stood up purely for black discrimination and for racial equality in the country; he is still remembered and is seen as one of the great activists who ever existed on this planet.

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