Who Is Johnny Depp Dating In 2023? Jeanne du Barry Actor’s New Love Interest

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Who Is Johnny Depp Dating In 2023?
Johnny Depp (Credit: YouTube)

Want to know who Johnny Depp is dating in 2023? Yes, we are talking about the Jeanne du Barry actor, who very often makes headlines for different reasons. Be it his projects or relationships. This time, it’s all about the actor’s health, which he prioritized over the Cannes after-party. That’s okay! What about his love life? 

Who doesn’t know Johnny Depp? It’s not just his movies but also his romantic affairs. Talking about the latter, the most prominent ones were Kate Moss and Amber Heard. Still, it would be wrong enough not to discuss some of Johnny Depp’s amazing works. The list includes- Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lone Ranger, Black Mass, 21 Jump Street, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Minamata, and Waiting for the Barbarians. 

As mentioned already, Jeanne du Barry, it’s a historical drama film. We saw Johnny portraying the character of Louis XV. Being his fan, did you not watch his 2018 film, City of Lies? It’s incredibly good. 

Coming back to Johnny Depp’s personal life, the actor’s relationship with his lawyer, Camille Vasquez, caused a lot of drama online. Well, they never dated. But, no one believed that initially.

Keeping that aside, Johnny Depp continued to spark dating rumors with many high-profile women. Some turned out to be true, whereas some were fake. But what about now? Is Johnny Depp seeing someone at present? Possibly, Yes! If you are looking for who Johnny Depp is dating in 2023, here is what we know. 

Who Is Johnny Depp Dating In 2023?
Johnny Depp (Credit: Today)

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Johnny Depp Dating In 2023: Who Is His New Girlfriend?

Talking about his new love interest, Johnny Depp is dating Joelle Rich in 2023, as of now. Well, it is reported, though, and neither of them has confirmed it officially. But who cares? The hints seem to be very much convincing. Concerning Joelle Rich’s identity, she is a lawyer. In case you forgot, Joelle defended the actor against a British tabloid in the UK. 

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Discussing more about Johnny Depp’s rumored girlfriend, Joelle Rich serves at the law firm, Schillings, based in London. At present, she is 37 years old and graduated in law from the University of Birmingham. It’s very much evident that Joelle is educated and qualified. By now, she has earned experience for more than a decade. Wow! Being in this field, Johnny Depp’s girlfriend is very much into media law, privacy, and copyright disputes. 

In 2021, Joelle Rich won the title of “Future Leader Initiative of the Year” at the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards. 

Not everyone knows Joelle Rich was previously married. With him, she shares a couple of children. At present, they are reported to be undergoing the process of ending it legally. Following this, she sparked dating rumors with Johnny Depp, and that’s pretty much possible. What do you think? 

However, it’s unknown when Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich are sharing a romance. At the same time, we are also unsure about how serious it is. Still, they are often spotted together, out in public. That further added to the speculation of whatever was going on between them. 

Who Is Johnny Depp Dating In 2023?
Johnny Depp is reportedly dating Joelle Rich (Credit: New York Post)

Looking at how Joelle Rich is now, it seems like the major reason why she has not yet made her relationship with the actor official is the ongoing legal procedures of her divorce. Well, it’s possible. However, it’s just an assumption as it is not yet finalized. 

Best Wishes to Johnny Depp! The actor often entertains, moreover surprises his fans with his new relationships each time. We are hopeful that he opens up and makes his relationship with Joelle Rich official. They look good together. Don’t they? Make sure you follow this Jeanne du Barry actor on his Instagram account for more relevant updates. 

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