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WandaVision Episode 6: All Easter Eggs Explained

WandaVision episode 6 titled ‘All-New Halloween Spooktacular’ successfully finds the sweet spot between TV Comedy and MCU drama. They are able to expertly deliver doses of sitcom homage and darkness, alongside a plethora of Easter eggs.

This article will look into the Easter eggs that have come to our notice.

1. Setting

WandaVision Episode 6 Easter Eggs

Split diopter shot is one that keeps two focal points in focus.

Episode six of WandaVision is a homage to the typical Halloween episodes in sitcoms. This also plays a reference to the Halloween issues which played a pivotal role in the comic books. The show is now set in the late 90s to early 2000s. And it is quite evident that WandaVision has taken inspiration from ‘Malcolm in the Middle’. This can be seen in this episode’s style of intro and camera shots. Another little detail is how the show is in the digital age, where the opening was filmed using a DV Camera denoted by its bit rate in the corner. The show even uses a split diopter shot which requires a special lens that keeps two focal points in focus while still blurring the background.

2. Who is in control?

In the last episode, we see how Wanda was well tired of hiding her powers and this theme continues as Wanda openly uses her powers in public. She is now willing to admit that she has made changes in reality. This is quite a contrast to the ironclad reality that she created in the first two episodes. The theme song just lays out what’s happening here as the lyrics are “don’t try to fight the chaos, don’t question what you’ve done.” The chaos may actually be a reference to the chaos magic that Wanda uses in the comics. While the chorus says “so what if it’s an illusion, just keep it going.” This could be an acknowledgment to Wanda knowing that this reality isn’t true. Even Wanda is confused by a few of the elements in this show suggesting that she may not be in full control.

While it may also be Wanda or someone else like Hydra or S.W.O.R.D. themselves trying to gain control of her. This theory is backed up by Vision’s newspaper as it has an ad for a TV set showing a flying saucer and an alien with the slogan “Otherworldly Deals”. This seems to play into the theory that an alien or something that has connections to them like S.W.O.R.D. may have a hand in it.

3. Future of Wanda’s kids

WandaVision Episode 6 Easter Eggs

Tommy and Billy dressed up as Speed and Wiccan.

The show did shift to the kid’s point of view as they speak to the camera. This may imply that Wanda has actually created real kids who are under her control. This leads to a possibility that they may even be able to survive outside the hex. Which could mean that they’re simply extensions of Wanda’s subconscious. Billy is dressed as his superhero alter ego Wiccan while Tommy later changes into his alter ego, Speed. This may be a hint that the twins are going to survive and potentially have a future in the MCU.

Billy is later even able to sense his dad as he has powers very similar to his mother’s. While his brother, Tommy is able to run at super-speed like his uncle Pietro. The kids may even be extensions of Wanda’s subconscious or maybe the real shards of the infinity stone energy. Wanda may have given form to them and that’s why they have abilities similar to the stones. And it could be the same reason why Billy has a link to Vision just like his mom.

4. Pietro

WandaVision Episode 6 Easter Eggs

Wanda’s dead brother, Pietro.

Pietro is compared to a vampire as he had previously died and has freshly risen from the grave. We even notice him saying “I feel the need for speed” which could either be a reference to the series of racing games or a line taken from Top Gun. You may have even noticed his tattoo having a phrase as a fitting tribute to his late mother or it could also be read H-O-M for the House of M comic storyline. Where Wanda loses control of her abilities and rewrites reality to regain her children.

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5. Costumes

Wanda and Vision dressed up as their comic book alter-egos.

The costumes that Wanda, Vision, and Pietro wear are quite comic accurate. As Pietro even has the signature Quicksilver wingtips while Wanda says she’s a Sokovian fortuneteller. This may be a reference to her gypsy mother Magda from the comics. Even though Disney owns the rights to these characters, WandaVision the generic costumes. So, this might be Wanda’s wish to live a generic life as she wants no superheroes around.

Some other interesting costumes include a couple of bees nodding towards the beekeeper and Hydra. A giant cat could be a nod to Agatha Harkness’s transforming cat from the comics. There are even a generic Jason and three witches around a cauldron-like the Witches and Macbeth. The recurrence of witches is interesting as Wanda is the Scarlet Witch while Agnes who is also dressed up as so could actually be Agatha Harkness. This is backed up by the opening where she’s wearing purple pants which are Agatha’s signature color. Even her cackles sound like that of a wicked witch.

6. Sitcom vs Reality

The last episode of WandaVision saw a lot of tension between Wanda and Vision. And in this episode, it continues as Vision doesn’t play along with sitcom reality. Wanda starts to correct him saying that’s not what he is supposed to do but soon backs off. Vision seems to be getting more powerful as he starts regaining his memories. And unlike in the third episode, Wanda is unable to wipe his mind. Even Pietro feels that she has probably suppressed a lot of her trauma which has caused this entire show’s existence. Wanda having suppressed all her traumas may have had a psychotic break. And thus created a new reality to forget the past and create her own reality.

7. Possible villain

Darcy hacks into Hayward’s systems.

Back in the outside world, Hayward starts acting up as he kicks Darcy, Jimmy, and Monica off the base. And as they sneak back into the facility, Darcy hacks into their systems. She finds a firewall where something big was hidden. And as she gets in, she finds a file saying Operation Cataract. A cataract is a membrane of cells that grows over the eye to obscure ‘vision’. So the operation could be a project to control Vision as Hayward was only tracking Vision as he was his main concern. Hayward may have been traumatized due to the snap so he decided to keep the world safe. He might be planning to do so by stealing and trying to reactivate Vision’s body to use it as a weapon.

During Darcy’s investigation, we can even see a few S.W.O.R.D. agent’s cast names appear. These are the same names as those that appear in the post-production cast names for WandaVision. This may be a reference to how the S.W.O.R.D. agents were the reason for WandaVision. Or might even be the cast members slipping their names into the show just for fun.

8. X-Men

WandaVision Episode 6 Easter Eggs

Mutants may appear in MCU.

During her conversation with Pietro, Wanda mentions an orphanage where they grew up in. She mentions a kid who had a “skin thing”. This orphanage sounds awfully a lot like the X-men’s Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters in which there are many mutants with strange skins.

As Darcy looks into Hayward’s files, she finds project 247. Consider it was a medical folder, it’s easy to assume that Hayward was conducting human experiments. Darcy even points out how Monica’s cells changed from passing through the barrier twice. And a third time could seriously change her bloodwork completely. It is even possible that Hayward was trying to create super-powered soldiers by studying Wanda’s energy. But during this, she may have found out about Vision’s body being held captive thus flipping out and taking him from the base. Now, considering Monica is about to re-enter Hex, she may become a superhero like in the comic books. So by creating this situation, Disney might be attempting to introduce mutants into the MCU.

9. Nexus

Wanda tries to figure out the anomalies.

Wanda may now be able to access the multiverse as she has brought an alternate universe version of Pietro. In this case, she brings the version of Pietro from FOX’s X-men movies. We even hear Wanda drop the line “kick-ass” which is probably the reference to the Marvel film Kick-Ass. Although it was not the part of MCU, Pietro actors, Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor Johnson were both parts of it. And could have a much far-reaching implication that Wanda can access the multiverse.

In the comics, Wanda is a nexus meaning that she is the same across all realities. A living nexus that connects all of the multiverses together. This could explain her role in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness where Strange might need her to help navigate the multiverse.

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10. Incomplete Control

Vision notices how people weren’t moving as he went farther away from Wanda.

In this episode of WandaVision, we saw how even Wanda has her limits. Previously, Herb and Agnes were shown to have some sort of autonomy in the show while Wanda wasn’t around. They were able to mention and reference things relating to that of reality. This is further fueled by a scene where the people who are furthest away from Wanda are frozen in place like extras on the Truman show. It’s almost like she’s a computer that doesn’t have the sufficient processing power to control the entire town at once. She even becomes passive-aggressive about it as she is enraged about how she was supposed to control everyone in Westview at the same time.

As Vision heads to the further edge of the town, we notice that the color palette is much darker and blue much similar to the lighting in the real world. While the scenes in Westview were very bright and well lit. Around this region, even Vision is able to manipulate his clothing which implies that the farther one is from Wanda, the more the person is out of her control. A small thing to notice is how the wedding rings which Wanda created for them, stay on.

11. Advertisement

Yo-Magic Commercial

The commercial this week is a Claymation ad fitting because in the 90s it was the style at the time. Each commercial has been a link to a traumatic event in Wanda’s past. Now, this commercial is much more cryptic than the others. The island could represent Westview and how Wanda is keeping Vision alive. But he will die anyway as the boy slowly rots away much like Vision later in this episode. The ad could even be a metaphor for Mephisto offering a monkey’s paw bargain to Wanda. Wanda can have her Vision but it won’t be real just like how the kid gets his yogurt but is unable to eat it.

12. Agnes’s Cryptic Conversation

WandaVision Episode 6 Easter Eggs

Agnes reveals a few things to Vision.

There is something clearly different about Agnes as she was the only person who wasn’t designated with a real name in WandaVision episode four. As she has a conversation with Vision, she mentions how Vision was dead. All of them were trapped by Wanda and were waiting for someone to help them out. In the opening, her sweats say “Naughty” which might be a reference to how she able to slip out of character. There’s quite an indication of how Agnes seems to be a much important character as she could be Agatha Harkness. Even her license plate is the hex code for red just like the red magic of Wanda’s energy.

13. Infinity Stones

Dr. Strange says in the comics how Wanda has the ability to make a passing whim into a reality without even realizing it. For a moment she flashes on dead Pietro just like she flashed on dead Vision. It seems like Wanda was able to reform the Mind Stone and bring Vision back to life but the problem is, he needs to stay insider her hex. This theory is backed up when Vision emerges from the energy field with the Mind Stone in his forehead. As he tries getting out, he is being ripped apart slowly by the power of infinity stones much like the people during the snap. While Pietro actually dying, lead her to recast him from an alternate universe.

WandaVision Episode 6 Easter Eggs

Vision tries getting out of the hex.


  • Darcy was consumed by the hex so she might play her sitcom character – Max Black from 2 Broke Girls.
  • The movies, ‘The Parent Trap’ and ‘The Incredibles’ both owned by Disney are playing in the theatre.
  • Considering there were no kids up until she herself had two, Wanda herself doesn’t know how she did it.
  • The Street Ellis Avenue is probably named after President Matthew Ellis from Iron Man 3 or could even be a reference to Ellis Island where immigrants like Wanda once entered the US.
  • ‘Night of the Living Dead’ playing in the background may have been influenced Wanda to create zombie, Pietro.

You can watch all the episodes by WandaVision on Disney+.

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