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The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1: Release Date, Plot & Streaming Guide

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1: Release Date, Plot & Streaming Guide

Last Updated on November 14, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

A magnificent island with a long-standing jinx is the basis of the reality Television show the Curse of Oak Island, which is regarded as a classic. This series takes place on Oak Island, which also serves as the location for a number of findings, conundrums, and comforting insights.

Marty & Rick Lagina travelled to Oak Island in quest of the island’s long-lost riches, following in the footprints of affluent philanthropist Willian V. Astor, renowned performer John Wayne, & previous president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What Happened in the Last Episode of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9?

“The Curse of Oak Island” on the History Network Brothers from Nova Scotia Rick & Marty Lagina have dedicated over ten years to unravelling the mystery of Oak Island. The devoted team’s work not only showed how complex the Oak Island riddle is than anybody could have anticipated, but also led them nearer to the hidden gem than either of the other teams had been able to do. The group also located gold in the vicinity of the Money Drain.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1: Release Date, Plot & Streaming Guide

Various pieces of information they find reinforce the theory that there are further artefacts at the site that have yet to be found. The group picked up their investigation again after encountering numerous obstacles along the way. Zena Halpern’s Templar map was refuted by the series finale of “Curse of Oak Island,” which also supported Fred Nolan’s findings about the existence of the Portuguese in prehistoric times. 

They were able to regain their belief in the significance of their goal thanks to all of these. By the end of the season, The Lagina Brothers had not been able to crack the Oak Island mystery.

Cast of The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 

Rick & Marty Lagina will make a comeback in season 10 of the popular television series The Curse of Oak Island, accompanied by Marty’s child Alex Lagina.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1: Release Date, Plot & Streaming Guide

Alongside the rest of the group, the head researcher Doug Crowell as well as the archaeologist Miriam Amirault will be back for the new year. The Lagina brothers’ previous associate Craig Tester might potentially debut in season 10.

This time, a bigger research team may be put together because of claims that the Lagina siblings plan to search every inch of Oak Island.

What will be the Storyline of The Curse of Oak Island Season 10?

The Curse of Oak Island is inspired by actual historic occurrences, thus it’s hard to predict what will occur. Reality television does not allow for innovation; instead, it places a strong emphasis on the event as it appears on film.

The Lagina brothers’ quest to learn more regarding Oak Island would be continued throughout the year. The island has only been partially explored thus far. Ideally the last half would be discovered, and the mysteries of Oak Island will indeed be revealed when season 10 premieres. This season, the Lagina brothers will have more money to expand their workforce and upgrade their research institutions.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1: Release Date, Plot & Streaming Guide

According to the Oak Island tale, seven people who attempted to find the island’s treasures would die in the attempt. The idea that 6 people have perished while attempting to learn the reality about Oak Island as a result of the jinx further heightened interest in Season 10. The show’s co-owner and enthusiastic treasure seeker, Dan Blankenship, passed away while it was being made.

The jinx of Oak Island as well as the Lagina brothers’ tenacity to uncover its mysteries despite of the curse have kept the viewers riveted on this season. The suspense is increased even further by the discovery of a mistake on Zena Halpern’s map by the Lagina brothers.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1 Release Date

On Tuesday, 15 November 2022, at 21:00 Eastern Time, The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1 will air on the History Channel. From the information gathered through sources, every new episode will be released on a Tuesday, and each episode will last for roughly 45 minutes like the episodes in previous seasons of the show.  

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1 Streaming Guide

Like the first 9 seasons, season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island is available to stream on request through platforms such as Hulu, Discovery Plus, Peacock, and Hoopla. The Curse of Oak Island will be broadcast by History for offline audiences in conjunction to online viewing.

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