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20 Movies Similar To Purple Hearts That You Will Love

Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts got released on 29th July, and after its release on Netflix, the movie quickly gained the top position on the charts. Purple Hearts is a story of Luke and Cassie, who are playing in a fake marriage to complete their individual purposes. Despite the differences in the characters, they got close and found out that their fake marriage had some real feelings behind this play. The movie has many tropes and themes that keep the audience engaged. There are some classic rivals to the lovers and play pretend plot, along with discovering love in the most unexpected places. The movie joins a superior category of international movie tragedies that discovers the marriage of comfort, military weddings, arranged weddings, and deep ramifications that happen when two contrarian individuals follow their hearts. 

With the soft, lovely feeling that the movie creates, it becomes natural that you may want to discover other romantic movies. There is stuff like the steamy romance of ‘Bridgerton’ and the feel-good ‘To All the Boys trilogy. We have gathered multiple options to freshen up your mood. Here are other movies that are somewhat similar to “Purple Hearts” that you can watch on Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, or any other streaming platform. The below recommendations are in no particular order.

20. Dear John (2010)

It is one of those movies that is very closest to duplicating Purple Hearts in writing, emotion, and structure. Yet again, Nicholas Spark is the brain behind this project. The cast is A-list, with Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried headlining the movie. Dear John reveals the Non-chronological order in which the letters by the two protagonists are the origin of what they actually feel. This results in a major voice-over that is present across the whole movie, which can get quiet after a point.

Dear John

Lasse Hallstrom, the Director, lacks courage which is not at all helpful t deliver the core emotions to the viewers. It leaves you wondering what else could have been. We do not feel that Lasse pushed the minds of Savannah and John in the movie. But besides all this, the movie is a fierce performing romantic movie with casual elements in this genre but two artists who have their heart to the character, plot, and story of the movie. 

19. The Proposal (2009)

If you are fond of the drama around Luke and Cassie’s marriage but are looking for something similar with a lighter plot, ‘The Proposal’ is the movie that you should certainly have a look at. It has Sandra Bullock portraying the character of Margaret Tate, who is editor-in-chief at an NYC book publisher.

The Proposal

Andrew Paxton’s character is played by Ryan Reynolds, who is her assistant. Margaret is Canadian, and she finds out her visa renewal process has been denied, which will soon lead to her eviction, which means she will lose all the things she has worked hard for in her career, so she plans to take a different route. She tries to convince Andrew to marry her so that she can get a green card. There is a mutual disagreement at the start, but they get married for mutual benefits and fall for each other in the movie. 

18. Leap Year (2010)

When Cassie met Luke in Purple Hearts, she never thought that she would fall in love with her, but the fake marriage led to real feelings in the end. ‘Leap Year’ follows a similar plot. Every girl imagines a fairy tale ending, but in Anna’s character, played by Amy Addams, it looks like her dream is just going to stay a dream. Another anniversary passes by, and her boyfriend does not propose to her, so she chooses to take the matter into her own hands and goes to Ireland with him.

Leap Year

There is a tradition in Ireland for the Irish that a woman proposes to a man on 29th Feb, which is a Leap Day. She plans to do exactly that, but fate has other plans to tell her that she is seeking yes from a person who is not fit for her. She meets Declan, who is a completely different person than her expectations, but she falls in love with him.

17. The Lucky One (2012)

It is the style of Nicholas Spark that always gives a certain type of warmth to the audience. Almost all the movie adaptations of the books have a similar effect on the audience. The narratives, plot, and characters also follow the same pattern and manner, which makes The Lucky One a perfect entry for this list. Orange is the New Black star, Taylor Schilling, and Zac Efron star as the main couple whose plot unfolds when Logan, who is a soldier, gets a photo of a girl named Beth and decides to find her. The situation in which he gets the photo is very cinematically heavy. 

The Lucky One

Logan’s long discovery of the small place is something inspired by the guidebooks. It is difficult to see a lovely movie without its stars. Just like the movie Purple Hearts, The Lucky One also heavily profits from immature love that flourishes something more substantial and real that affects them. Again inspired by Spark’s philosophy, The Lucky One has taken observations from the void of a male model that had an influence on a younger child. That trope specifically highlights itself very well because of Riley Stewart and Zac Efron’s on-screen chemistry. 

16. Operation: Christmas Drop (2020)

If you liked Purple Hearts, then Operation Christmas Drop is a must-watch on Netflix. A romance in the livery in a foreign land, how can it not be charming to anyone? Alexander Ludwig and Kat Graham make an impressive duo at the center of the attraction. The plot of the movie is inspired by a true humanitarian mission but has a limited screenplay. The emotional angle in the movie is achieved from the conservation of tradition. 

Operation Christmas Drop

Ericas’ character is played by Graham; she investigates the action of the base, these inspections go more than regulations, and Andrew, played by Ludwig, sees her softer and likable side. The buildup of emotions between the two is somewhat similar to what happens in Purple Hearts. Ludwig manages the character well in the uniform and brings a mix of sentiments and arrogance to his portrayal. On the other hand, Kate Graham has undeniably done more if we compare both of them and has done major the lifting. Her chemistry is the highlight of the movie, but she only has a few minutes of it. 

15. Green Card (1991)

Green Card is one of the most successful romantic comedy movies from 1990 that made it without excessive scrutiny of anticipations. The involvement of Peter Weir made all the difference, and his vision uplifted the plot of the movie, which feels like it is very similar to Purple Hearts. A marriage of comfort to gain a green card is sometimes a dubious affair, but that is not the story between Georges and Bronte. At the start, both looked distant and withdrawn but had no cold feelings. Their bond becomes strong as they start to know each other more discreetly.

Green Card

You must have seen other movies with the same plot many times, but the execution of the Green Card is a tier above all other movies of this category. It is barely dramatic and balances the exhibition of the relationship with delightful nuances of other niche issues. But the end may be predictable; all in all, Green Card is a fun movie and is a good companion to Purple Hearts. 

14. Palmer (2021)

You will see Justin Timberlake in this clean, albeit predictable starting-over drama. Although it is a bit rough to call it predictable, the movie follows all the tried and tested elements to complete an emotional buildup. Like Purple Hearts, Palmer has not a plot or character-driven likeness to Purple Hearts, but it has a very similar energy and tempo.  


The style in which the story is developed in the populated universe is somewhat similar to Purple Hearts. The descriptive relationship here is of Sam and Palmer, which looks like a father and son dynamic. It doesn’t follow the rigid strides of an emotional setting. Fisher Stevens, the director, tries to fully use the plot of a small town and a secondary theme on stunted violence, domestic violence, and drug abuse,

13. Holidate (2020)

The base of the movie “Purple Hearts” focuses on a false relationship between Luke and Cassie. It was a marriage of convenience, and both parties were getting something out of it. “Holidate” has a somewhat similar plot, without the risk of drug peddlers or death due to a lack of medicines. It revolves around Sloane, who is the only one left in her family. Her aunt and mother are always set up for dates during the holidays. She meets Jackson, who is not looking for any type of attachment, and this is an advantage for her as she is not looking for it either. So both of them decide to fake date each other during the holiday season but as predictable as it may seem, they fall for each other in the end. 


12. An Officer And A Gentleman (1982)

Richard Gere was almost unbeatable among the female audience in the 1970s and 1980s. Any character that he chose to play would become an instant hit among the female audience. He was the ultimate actor for such stories as An Officer and A Gentleman. The narrative of a soldier who is from a small town is played initially, but it moves forward with some reverse in the roles like Purple Hearts. If you are expecting their romance to be the only angle that the movie shows, that is not it, the movie has a more multi-layered show of emotions. The movie’s different dramatic setup elaborates on the muted military plot and the rivalry between Foley (Louis Gossett) and Mayo (Gere).

An Officer and A Gentleman

The movie doesn’t offer many high-intensity fight sequences, just decent ones. Its basic success is gained from Gere’s phenomenal performance and his defining ability to be repulsive and likable at the same time, which is seen in the character. He shows the required background of his character’s upbringing and how he wants the audience to see him. It is one of the most refined movies from the list and a deserving follow-up after The Purple Hearts. Top Gun is probably the most famous commercial movie that can be a good indicator of An Officer and a Gentleman.

11. Feel the Beat (2020)

In the movie Purple Hearts, if the main attraction was Sofia Carson, then you should definitely have a look at another Netflix flick she stars in, Feels the Beat. In this movie, instead of singing, she shows her skill in dancing. Sofia portrays the character of April, who fails to become successful on broadway and moves back to her hometown. She tries her best to get out of it, but she is stuck there and gets a new project to keep her busy. With eccentric young guys as her students, she tries to groom them all for a dance competition that is approaching soon; additionally, romance with an old fling adds a bonus to the movie. 

Feel The Beat

10. The Piano (1992)

In the plot of Purple Hearts, Cassie’s growing music career plays a major role in the movie. When you think about movies that are based on marriages on convenience, there is another movie that deserves to be on the list; the Piano by Jane Campion comes to mind instantly. The story focuses on Ada, portrayed by Holly Hunter, who is mute and is sold in marriage by her father in New Zealand to an explorer; she takes with her prized piano and young daughter.

The Piano

The tone of the movie is heavy, and it uses the expression of music to aid Ada in coping with her marriage which is somewhat similar to Purple Hearts, where Cassie uses music as a solution to deal with the same situation. Aside from the tremendous performances from Anna Paquin and Hunter, The Piano’s important exploration of the women who find their inner voice has been so magical to see on screen. 

9. The Wedding Banquet (1993)

Ang Lee, who is a two-time oscar winner, directed The Wedding Banquet. It follows a fake marriage of a gay man Wai-Tung portrayed by Winston Chao, and a straight woman We-Wei portrayed by May Chin, in order to gratify the force from parents. Heartfelt amusement and pity are observed when Wai-Tung’s parents attend the fake wedding ceremony and pressure both of them to keep up the act, just like what Luke and Cassie did on Purple Hearts. 

The Wedding Banquet

The manner in which it shifts from a comedic play to a more profound and real drama look in an intense cultural gradience is what elevates the plot beyond a conventional threshold. Lack of drama from schmaltz, the curiously observed characters will be more relatable, much longer than the characters of the Purple Hearts. 

8. Muriel’s Wedding (1994)

Muriel Wedding by P.J. Hogan is a delightful, light, and well-received Australian movie that follows Muriel, played by Tori Collette, who is a socially awkward and bored woman who just wants to get married to someone. To do so, she steals money from her parents and runs to a tropical island, and plots a sham scheme to marry an Olympic swimmer in a luxurious nuptial.

Muriel’s Wedding

She gets many obstacles one after another, and the movie eventually becomes a charming coming-of-age story about a girl’s growth, independence, and maturity, all displayed against the ABBA music backdrop playing all along. Filled with heart, edginess, and an unpredictable plot, Muriel’s Wedding is very satisfying to look at arranged marriages in a cinematic manner.

7. Monsoon Wedding (2001)

Monsoon Weeding from Mira Nair is one of the most joyful uplifting stories of arranged nuptials on record, making it a must-watch for those people who like the cultural blends between Luke and Cassie in the Purple Hearts. The story discovers Aditi, portrayed by Vasundhara Das, who is on a path to marrying Hermant, played by Pravin Dabas, who must come to India from Texas, where he resides, to meet his bride-to-be and attend an ultra-luxurious ceremony. 

Monsoon Wedding

A gorgeous, funny, and surpassing Bollywood commitment to the human core, Monsoon Wedding does a beautiful work of looking past the barriers and limitations of its foreign characters to become a compelling carnival of romantic human bindings found in the least desired places. Like Purple Hearts, Monsoon Wedding also proves that not all fake marriages are censured for failing. 

6. Lorna’s Silence (2008)

It is for those audiences who liked the plot of Purple Hearts but didn’t want to see the sweetening tone. Lorna’s Silence by the Dardenne brothers is an achingly special arthouse affair. The acclaimed theater revolves around Lorna, played by Arta Dobroshi, who is an Albanian emigrant in Belgium. She has been in multiple fake marriages so that she can find her one true love, Sokol, played by Alban Ukaj. Both of them open a dream snack bar together. 

Lorna’s Silence

A texturized and steady true look at the frantic actions of a woman who is looking to flee from her dire situation to get a better life, Lorna’s Silence is both a profound love story and a thought-moving righteousness that it takes to find joy in all those marriages of convenience.

5. The Big Sick (2017)

The movie Big Sick is written with a sharp insight by the real married duo of Kumail Nanjiani and Elimy V, Gordon, and it is one of the most genuine, soft, and profoundly impacting flicks about lovers who are from different cultures negotiating their ways over a sham marriage. Kumail plays himself, who is pretending to be Emily, played by Zoe Kazan’s husband when she gets sick so she can get into a medical coma to recover legally. 

The Big Sick

A moving tale about following one’s heart, moving away from conventional practices that do not always result in happiness, and a deep cultural understanding of Kuamail, his parents, Emily’s friends, and family. The Purple Heart and Big Sick deeply support how true love understands no geographic perimeters or language boundaries. 

4. Candy Jar (2018)

If it was the enemies-to-lover plot from Purple Hearts that gained your attention, then Candy Jar on Netflix can be a good movie for you. It is based on the story of Bennet and Lona. Lona is from a working background; at the same time, she is from a wealthy family. Both of them are on a debate team, and their competition leads them to despise each other. But as they begin to spend time with each other, they learn that both have a lot more in common than they thought eventually. This leads to friendship, and as time passes, it converts into romance. 

Candy Jar

It is a feel-good movie and will deliver on your expectations. The movie is worth its taste mainly because of the theme used for the common students; on the other hand, it is a high school movie, so it is very relatable to the teens out there. The plot is somewhat predictable as you are here searching for the movies like Purple Hearts.

3. Single All The Way (2021)

Single All the Way focuses on Nick and Peter, who have known each other and have been friends for a very long time. Peter’s family is always pressuring him by asking who he is dating. Peter discovers that his boyfriend is cheating on him, so he breakups up with him. But now the holidays are here, and he needs someone so that he can tell his family who he is dating so that they cannot pressure him anymore. So he asks his best friend Nick to be his date, and he also agrees to help him out. As the movie progresses, the best friends find out that both of them are in love with each other. 

Single All The Way

The on-screen chemistry that becomes very blunt to the rest of the family could have gotten some work, but the movie plot in such a manner from the start that the characters are meant to be with each other, audience tries to catch up with this. Just like ever, it is Peter who always wants James to make him understand that he loves Nick, and if you are following curiously, you may feel it is getting a bit repetitive as a plot. Other than this, the movie tells how Peter understands these obvious situations, and everyone around him is waiting for this Christmas regale to happen.

2. Just Go With It (2011)

For all the movie buffs out there, nothing is better than the duo of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston together on the screen. Just Go With It is a romantic comedy movie in which Danny, played by Adam Sandler, has formed a fantasy setting around him, and he pretends to be in a marriage that is about to end very soon. This allows him to enjoy many dates without attachments at all. But he runs out of lies when he thinks that he has met the love of her life. So he chooses to lie further by driving her assistant Katherine, played by Jennifer Aniston, faking to be his soon-to-be ex-wife and bringing the fantasy world to actual life. But he gets it very soon that the truth will come out sooner or later. 

Just Go With It

The bottom line is Adam and Jennifer have a true spark in their verbal exchange and in the zeal of their characters, Katherine and Danny, with each other. They make the plot suitable for each other and other sophomoric plots in Adam’s work; you may get soaked in such a manner that the background may fade away a bit. By the moment everyone travels to Hawaii for the trip, with Danny’s dirty cousin Eddie played by Nick Swardson, who is pretending as Devlin’s lover, it can be said that Katherine is a good choice for Danny and vice versa. So it is a good flick to pass your time. 

1. The Hating Game (2021)

This romantic comedy movie is based in Manhattan publishing house and is about as light and as readily swallowed as a soft cone of ice cream on a hot and humid day. It’s basically a gluey extrusion of the sweet display trapped in a cinematic form. Sally Thorne’s best-selling novel of the same name is adopted by Peter Hutchings. The movie puts an energetic assistant Lucy played by Lucy Hale, against a rival assistant, Joshua, played by Austin Stowell. He is a sharp corporate who turns out to be more friendly and charming than what was thought initially. 

The Hating Game

As the name of the movie suggests, the two start their relationship with brute hate for each other. They fight on the off-taste issues as Lucy began her career at an upmarket literary fiction publisher; on the other hand, Joshua worked for a more mass-market company that produced bounded supermarket names. The merger of the firms results in both of them using the office, facing and opposing each other as they follow the needs of their bosses, co-CEOs Corbin Brensen and Sakina Jaffrey.

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