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How to Watch Siesta Key Season 5 Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

Siesta Key

An American television series, Siesta Key is a reality show that delivers all sorts of high jinks that the audience keeps looking forward to. From deafening breakups to tumultuous fights to some beautifully designed sets, Siesta Key has it all. Having premiered for the first time in 2017, Siesta Key is loosely related to the 2004 series bearing the title “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange Country.”

As per sources, Siesta Key represents a group of friends who traverse the ins and outs of Florida. Despite the show not gaining enough credibility because of its insufficient content, Siesta Key could regardless hook some loyal fans who have been waiting eagerly for Season 5 to premiere.

A lot of speculations had been in the air, especially since the time Julliette Porter moved to Miami along with her co-stars, thereof causing fans to wonder if it is the show that is moving too. With the commencement of the shoot, it was confirmed that the show is rather heading for a fresh start.

This season is no doubt going to be the harbinger of more antic drama, including the participants being dropped from the show for their incompetency in bringing the flavor the show needed. One of the cast members took to Instagram to share how she had been dropped from the show the minute she was about to begin shooting her scene.

With the new season on the way, the wait is over because fans are going to have all their answers to the lingering questions in their minds. From the trailer that Siesta Key dropped on its official account, one thing is for certain the new season is not without its hotch-potch. 

Siesta Key

What happened in the reunion following Siesta Key Season 4?

What takes place in Siesta does not stay in Siesta. Season 4 of this reality series had the majority of its focus on the corollary of Juliette and Logan’s breakup. Following the split, Meghan was quick to become the root of all drama considering how quickly she got along with Sam, while Hausburg became the talk of the show with the news of her pregnancy. 

However, what took place at the reunion was more dramatic and substantially gripping than the season finale. While the former contestant, Rachel, could bring sense to some of the cracked bonds, Juliette and Brandon made their way out after they were bombarded with some confining questions.

On the other hand, erstwhile besties Kesley and Juliette could reach a mutual understanding from the way things turned out in the end, as Kesley wanted more of a private conversation with Juliette away from the cameras. 

As for others, it has come to light that some of the other cast members, including Brandon and Jordana, are still seeing each other, while Garrett, who the fans did not see a lot of, has got the potential of coming to light with his intentions of turning his promise ring into an engagement ring. What will happen in Season 5? Only time will tell.

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Siesta Key Season 5 Release Date

The promotional video dropped by MTV confirmed the renewal of Season 5, which is going to make it to the screens on October 27, 2022. The trailer of Season 5 promises a lot of topsy-turvy that is sure to serve as a dose of entertainment for all the Siesta Key stans. It is also anticipated that Sam Logan and Juliette Porter will finally get the closure that their relationship needs.

Trautman’s relationship will unfold into a whirlwind of emotions while others will be found dealing with their battles. From the ensuing reunion in the show, a lot of tension is expected to build up among the cast members especially concerning Hausburg’s pregnancy. What does the show have in store this time? Be sure to mark the date because that’s a lot of drama being talked about. 

Where to watch Siesta Key Season 5?

All the episodes of Siesta Key Season 5 will drop on MTV at 9 pm every Thursday. The series can also be opted for on other streaming networks using Fubo TV and Philo. Siesta Key is only available to the United States people for now. 

Besides, this latest reality television show is available on the Paramount Network. However, if you are outside the United States with no direct connection to the Paramount network, there is good news for you. All you have to do is sign up on the Paramount Plus VPN and install the app after downloading it. 

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