Hostile 2017 Ending Explained: Into the Afterlife

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The Hostile ending needs an obvious explanation, and we are here for the same. The film shows us the genres such as thrill and romance throughout the plot. It all begins with an apocalypse, but a strange one at that. Among a few people who have survived, there is a girl who is alive but remembers her lover. All these people who have come out alive are now living in a base together.

The city is destroyed and evicted by the mutant creatures called the reapers. While Juliette is out to get supplies for the base, she starts dreaming about Jack, her lover. The two met in an art gallery he attended just to eat the free food. As for Jack, he is a businessman and an artist. The two run into each other. Later, when Jack tries to learn her opinions on art, he understands that she just wanted free food, that’s all.

Jack is instantly attracted to her personality and says that the two have met because of fate. He takes her home, but Juliette sneaks out once again, thinking that it is not good to go to a man’s house this early. Turns out that Juliette really needs the money and is in serious debt. She is also addicted to drugs. Later, Jack and her decision to leave the city.

Hostile 2017 Ending Explained
A still of Juliette from Hostile 2017

What Happens to Juliette and Jack?

The two are seen leading a happy life. Juliette gets pregnant as well. When there is a miscarriage, and the baby dies, Juliette starts blaming Jack for this and falls into a cycle of drugs once again. Even when he tries to reach her in order to make up for everything and talk it out, Juliette is a pub trying to get wasted and ignored his calls.

Jack later gets in a grave incident in the city because of a chemical explosion. She meets with him in the hospital before he literally vanishes.
Coming back to the present, Juliette is terrified of the creatures because it is evening now, and the creatures start hunting at night, and she has forgotten the way back to the base. Thus, Juliette decides to stay where she is right now.

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Although, this is when the reapers start attacking her. Some even try to get her out of the car by fetching her leg but are unsuccessful in doing so. When she spots some humans around, Juliette feels a bit comfortable. Although, her comfort soon turns to anguish when these humans are actually goons and just want to kill Juliette and take her supplies.

Hostile 2017 Ending Explained

Although, before they can enter her car, the reaper attacks from behind and kills the goons instead. After a long terrifying night of fighting with the reapers and trying to defend herself, the morning finally happens. Juliette gets out of the car for a fresh breath of air, knowing that reapers cannot attack her now as they only strike during the night or dark. They are afraid of the light.

Although, she sees one reaper standing behind her. She is afraid at first but soon understands that it was Jack all along. Throughout the night, it was he who was trying to protect her. She reunites with her lover even though he is behind the body of a mutant killer.

In the end, we see that Juliette, having lost everything in her life, her friends, her parents, and the world, and living in fear for so long, wants to just be with Jack, alive or dead. Thus, the two decide to be with each other in the afterlife.

Juliette is out a gun, and the star-crossed lovers, kill themselves as she shoots him and then later herself. The ending scene rolls clips of them being together, signifying that the two were always meant to be together and die in the end with their hand on each other.

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