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What Happened To Jason David Frank?


Last Updated on November 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Jason David Frank was also known as Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers show. The American actor was loved by his fans and thus, they had been devastated by the recent information about the actor. Fans have been wondering what happened to Jason David Frank. They are still searching for answers. What led him to take such a decision? Why did Jason not reach out for help? Jason was born in California and was going through a tough divorce. The actor had been struggling emotionally, and mentally for quite some time and the fans are upset beyond the limits. 

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What Happened To Jason David Frank?

Jason was in a close-heated argument with his wife, Tammie before committing suicide. Both of them were going through a bitter divorce at the time and were not seeing eye-to-eye. There had been a lot of information that had come to the surface, after the demise of this wonderfully loved actor. They both had gotten into arguments, leading to which Jason locking Tammie out of his room, before harming himself. 

Events That Led To Jason’s Suicide

Both, Jason and Tammie checked into the same hotel in Texas. Both of them got into an argument in Tammie’s room. There had been no information on what this fight was about, but the situation had gotten pretty serious. To the point, that hotel staff had to intervene to stop both of them from doing something drastic. 

Unfortunately, the fight did not come to an end back then. Both of them were fighting again just a couple of hours later and at that point, Jason had locked Tammie out of his room. Somewhere around 5 a.m. Tammie had called the police stating she is worried about her husband’s safety. Surely, their fight had been gruesome to the point that she knew something was wrong. 

Hotel management then, helped the police officials to get into Jason’s room. The reason the hotel management had to use their key was not being able to have any access to Jason. Sources tell that when the police officials entered Jason’s room he had found him hunged in the washroom. It’s sad how everyone got too late to help or save Jason. A million hearts have been broken after losing such a loved star. 


Jason David Frank Divorce

Tammie had filed for divorce on August 7, 2022, in Texas court. Both of them had accused each other of torture throughout the 19 years of their marriage. In the official documents, Tammie had stated that Jason “had committed adultery” and was disloyal to her. 

Jason was also accused of fraud. Before, what happened to Jason David Frank, Tammie had also filed for a restraining order against him. This restraining order prohibited Jason from threatening, selling, or harming their combined assets. Unfortunately, they both had signed a prenup in which they both, by choice had entered into an agreement allowing them to alter the details of their combined property rights during their marriage. The actor also stated that Tammie’s behaviour made it difficult for him to live under the same roof. 


Jason David Frank’s Family

Jason is survived by four beautiful kids. After his demise, Tammie posted on her Instagram stating how they both had decided a few months back to give their marriage another shot. They wanted to save what they had built, and she is heartbroken. She also mentioned how she will always be his “firecracker” and how he is her soulmate for life and beyond. 

She goes on, about mentioning how they both had struggled in the marriage and were trying to make it work, by forgiving. They both have had their share of vulnerability throughout the process, and the loss is unbearable for her to bear. 

Power Ranger’s Star Amy Jo Johnson’s Reaction To What Happened To Jason David Frank

Amy Jo Johnson, who had played Kimberly Hart, breaks down remembering Jason. Amy had posted on her Instagram a picture of him and Jason and written a tribute for him. She mentions how her life would never be the same without Jason. She also shared an emotional video on TikTok remembering the late actor. 

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