What Chapter Does Blue Lock Anime End On?

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What Chapter Does Blue Lock Anime End On?
Blue Lock (Credits: Kodansha, Coloured By: Dario)

Are you wondering what chapter does Blue Lock anime end on?? Well, we are here for you!! After a breathtaking end of season one, Blue Lock fans are approaching the manga to satisfy their soccer thrust somehow. Still, to do so, they don’t know where they should start reading from the manga so that they can not miss anything, and at the same time, they do not want to repeat the same plot they have already seen in the anime adaptation.

Well, I must say, from my perspective, that the anime has been a bit inconsistent throughout its run. However, I was quite pleased with the way that Season 1 concluded. The final episode managed to wrap up the second selection, which included the much-anticipated World Five Game. We also saw the players who made it through the selection process, which was pretty exciting.

What I found particularly impressive was the number of story beats in that one episode. It was quite the whirlwind. Plus, it set the stage for the next arc, the Japan U20 Game.

The World Five Game showcased Blue Lock’s top five players’ dominance over opponents. Dada Silva’s size, Loki’s speed, Adam Blake’s straight, and Luna’s skill all combined to make them a virtually unbeatable team. Naturally, our protagonists were pretty disheartened by the loss, but they also gained a newfound sense of confidence in themselves. They saw that they could go toe-to-toe with some of the world’s best players, which was inspiring.

What Happened In Blue Lock Till Now?

The show did an excellent job conveying these young players’ sheer ambition and determination to become the world’s best strikers. Seeing how close some of them are to achieving their goals is remarkable. Following the World Five Game, Blue Lock’s five players had a brief meeting, during which it was announced that the second selection had come to a close.

Only 35 players remained, divided into seven teams, all vying for the world’s number-one striker title. So, there’s a lot of excitement to be had in the upcoming episodes! These are the seven teams that qualified in order of how they cleared it, 

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Come in first, obviously, is the team of Rin, Isagi, Bachira, Aryu, and Tokimutsu. Coming in second is the team of Barou, Chigiri, Nagi, Kuon, and Zentetsu; the third team consists of Tobito Karasu, Haruhiko Yuzu, Kenyu Yukimiya, Aiki Himizu, and Eita Otoya; the fourth clear team is a bunch of fodders if I am being honest, consist of Nijiro Nanase, Hiragi, Haiji, Tsunazaki, and Akira; the fifth clear team consists of Kairu, Hiori, Yukio, Ikki, and that Messi dude, but he is injured do we don’t see him.

Team number six is Raichi, Gagamaru, the silent Wanima Brother, who does talk now, Shiguma, and Tanaka. Then finally, we see everyone anxiously awaiting the arrival of the seventh clear team because two notable players are missing, Reo and Kunigami.

Eventually, the door finally opens, and everybody is graced with the lineup of Igarashi, Tetsu, Renze, Mikage, and Shido Ryusei! Oh boy!! I am glad to see Shido! All I need from this episode is the introduction of Shido Ryusei, if they introduced him properly, no matter what else they did, but Shido Ryusei!! I mean the least zest possible, but who allows this man to look and sound super duper majestic!!

What Chapter Does Blue Lock Anime End On?

Thank goodness that the makers of Blue Lock didn’t keep us hanging with that nail-biting cliffhanger ending. The fans would’ve gone berserk without announcing a second season and a movie!

Suppose you have enjoyed the anime’s first season and cannot wait for the second season’s release. In that case, you can start the manga from Chapter 94; However, the team’s revelation in episode 24 was from chapter 93; the moment they left is on a cliffhanger with the introduction of Shido Ryusei, which starts in chapter 94. By doing so, you are not missing anything. 

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