Who Does Tully End Up With In Firefly Lane? The Dynamic Character’s Love Life

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Tully Firefly Lane
Katherine Heigl as Tully the newscaster (Credit: Netflix)

The final episodes of Netflix’s girly series Firefly Lane starring Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy) made everyone cry with its compelling story and amazing performances. The show, adapted from a book, captivated millions around the world and told us the stories of two girls and their friendship across the span of three decades. 

The two-part sophomore season, released between last year and late April 2023, showed us how Kate and Tully had a falling out in their year’s long friendship and how they fixed it, setting their differences aside and showing us the value and bonds that a real friendship can have, one that endures through the thick and thin. As the show concludes, we see how Tully Hart, the talk show host, and Kate Mularkey, the housewife fare out. But what about Tully’s love life? Well, if you read the book, you probably know how that ended up, but if you follow the popular Netflix series, you come to the right place because your inquiry will be answered.

Tully firefly lane
Sarah Chalke as Kate the Housewife (Credit: Netflix)

Who Did Tully Date In Firefly Lane?

Tully had a few romantic interests across the seasons. She slept in a one-time thing with a dude named Max she met at a bar. Then, that fling transformed into a serious issue when Tully got knocked up. Then, Tully and Max try to settle down and marry simply in Seattle. But then Tully has a miscarriage, and things go south. She pushes Max away from her life, has a lot of second thoughts, and Max doesn’t want to be treated badly, so he moves on, and the two file for divorce.

Since the show is full of flashbacks and forwards, the show also explores the turbulent and intermittent relationship with Danny, played by Ignacio Serrichio, which seems to be a dead end when we learn of Kate’s death. But as it turns out, the emotional void that Kate left in Tully’s heart had to be filled by something else. And while no person could step in for Tully’s love for her dear and lifelong friend, that left Tully with the need to find somebody to love. After all, Tully’s character development had a lot of issues, she had that problem with her dad,  and now with this new void in her life, it was Danny that seemed to be the person that filled in the missing pieces. 

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So, Danny and Tully start out as friends; they become over time, but when they finally try to take their relationship further, Tully has a lot of doubts, fears, and reservations. She was scared of being hurt again and scared that she wasn’t good enough. But Danny shows her kindness, loyalty, respect, and, more importantly, patience.

Tully firefly lane
Tully needed to find someone to love her (Credit: Netflix)

How Does Tully End Up In The Firefly Lane Books?

All across the series, the producers and scriptwriters took some liberties in describing some things that weren’t in the novel to give extra context and further develop story arcs; still, the show remains very loyal to the written works that gave inspiration to this web series. In other cases, the show’s depiction of the story is very accurate, like when Tully and Kate are having fun while the sickly Kate is in a wheelchair, and they’re reminiscing the days of their bike rides from when they were younger. Still, at the end of the book, Tully skips Kate’s wake because she’s not ready for that emotional rollercoaster and opens a box full of memories of her friend.

As for the love life of Katherine Heigl’s character, let’s explore this further. You see, Tully had an on-again, off-again relationship with Danny. In the end, she’s shacking up with him, there’s no ring, no wedding, but it’s more how Tully’s search for a significant other, for emotional support, and moving on from Kate’s painful departure. 

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Tully Doesn’t Marry Johnny

Tully doesn’t marry either Johnny or Danny at the end of Firefly Lane. But she’s, in fact living with Danny, mending herself. She decided to move on; she chose to live happily with Danny in a commitment. However, the one who did marry was Kate and Johnny’s daughter. Marah (played by Yael Yurman) got married, and Tully, her godmother, joined her for the wedding. 

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