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Clanul Episode 10: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Clanul Episode 10: Release Date Credit to: PRO TV

Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Clanul Episode 10 Release Date and Time are highly anticipated by most of the fans. We have gathered all the information about Episode 10. but before jumping into the Episode Release Date and Streaming Guide, here’s everything you need to know about this Series.

Clanul is a Romanian TV Series. The Series began on Monday, September 19, 2022. It is Produced and broadcast by Pro TV. The Concept of this Series is an adaption of the Turkish Series İçerde. This story revolves around the police and the mafia.

The Story So Far On Season 1 of Clanul


Clanul Episode 10: Release Date Credit to PRO TV

The story starts with a boy named Tudor, a young graduate of the Police Academy who unfortunately gets expelled from the Academy. All of these happened to him even before he completed the Course. he was apparently anxious about the iniquitous system and ended up in jail due to threatening Commissioner Costoiu. What made him stand with a gun in front of the Commissioner who could have once awarded him for becoming a Police officer?

But he chose a path no one had ever expected he would. While he was imprisoned, he started entering the Mafia world. The leader of the mafia group was “Tătuțu” and Bebe Măcelaru. he never once thought about his mother, who believed that she had lost her second son too. Now awaits a lot of twists and turns which are going to change everyone’s life. 

By the same token, a boy named David, who didn’t have a fancy life, grew up on the streets and faced the harsh world by himself. Somehow he managed to get into the Police Academy as the head of the promotion.

On top of that, he got into Commissioner Costoiu’s team. he was on alert every time, so he did not pass over any important arrest. Vera Maximilian, daughter of  Bebe Măcelaru, is a lawyer who will try her blood, sweat, and tears to protect her family along with the family business. To know what happens in the story, don’t forget to watch the newest episodes when they come out on the streaming channel. 

All About The Cast Of Clanul Season 1


Clanul Episode 10: Release Date
Credit to: PRO TV

Along with the remarkable storyline, the Series includes some great personalities from the Roman Television industry. The cast includes George Mihăiță as Bebe Măcelaru’, Șerban Pavlu as commissioner Emil Costoiu, Carmen Tănase as Luminita Achim, Mădălina Craiu as Ilinca, Theo Rose as Vera Maximilian, George Ivașcu as Pelicanu,’ Codin Maticiuc as Iulica, Cătălin Nicolau as Little, Dogioiu Constantin, Cătălina Grama, Sergiu Costache, Vladimir Drăghia as Misu, Silviu Mircescu as Silviu, Eduard Trifa as Dima, Alice Halpert as Patricia and Bogdan Farcaș as Ciomag. 

The opening theme music, “Brother blood does not make you,” is sung by Theo Rose and lan. Theo Rose made her acting debut in this show. The title of Episode 1 to Episode 10 is as follows. “Clain and Abel,” “Everything has a price,” “Until death do us part,” “And now we’re done?”, “One is born, another dies,” “God’s Forgiveness,” “We have a mole!”, “Freedom!”, “First night of love, last night of war,” and “The truth from the North Station!”.

Clanul Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date

Clanul Episode 10 will air on Monday, November 21, 2022, at 1:30 pm EST. International fans can watch the upcoming episode according to their country’s time zone. “Now we can’t wait to enjoy the result of this work and to bring home a story that should not be missed, told in a Romanian series as it has never been filmed before.

I’m curious to find out the opinion of the people at home, so we’ll see each other every Monday, from 20:30, “says Denis Hanganu, the leading actor in the Series. So set your alarm so that you don’t miss out on the new Episodes.

Clanul Season 1 Episode 10: How To Watch

Episode 10 of the Clanul will be streaming on the famous Romania Television Channel, PRO TV Plus.

So If you are looking for a series within the comedy, action, and crime all combined, then Clanul should be high on your watch list! To stay updated on the upcoming Episodes, follow our Channel. We will update the details as soon as we get them.

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