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Where Is Farmhouse Fixer Filmed? The Home Renovation Series’ Locations

Farmhouse Fixer
Farmhouse Fixer

Let’s look at the main locations to answer where is  Farmhouse Fixer Filmed? HGTV’s hit renovation series of 2021 Farmhouse Fixer featured innumerable centuries-old farmhouses to the audience during its 6 episode run. The show will be returning for a second season with the proficient duo of Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin soon. However, before moving on to the next chapter, it is extremely crucial for us to look back at all the remarkable farmhouse locations that became the focal point of this series.

A lot of series merely use settings and filming sites as the backdrop of their show’s content. Farmhouse Fixer, on the other hand, presents these locations as the very essence of the show. One could say that there would be no show if these places never existed.

That’s exactly what Jonathan Knight seeks to bring to the forefront with this show as well. Landscapes are like legacies for future generations. Nostalgic homely spaces like American farmhouses are the best examples in this case. They’re not only the picture-perfect representation of the humble roots of a family’s history but also envision the coming together of a community as a whole. Modern ways of life lack warm aspects like these. Farmhouse Fixer digs deep into the historic belonging of a place and bridges the generation gap by resuscitating these models of the old American life.

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Farmhouse Fixer Filming Locations

The show shared its filming locations with well-known movies like Shutter Island, The Departed, and Good Will Hunting in New England. Tax incentives made locations like Ipswich, Gloucester, Boston, and Essex feasible targets for the makers. The production team was specifically on the lookout for residences established before the 20th century near Ipswich.

Farmhouse Fixer

One of the filming locations of Farmhouse Fixer – Cognata Barone Farm in Ipswich (Cr:

New Hampshire was the shooting location for the first episode of the series. A farmhouse built in the 1700s was renovated at this location. This restoration project is primarily located around Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The formerly served ground for a majority of the series run-time. The same site marked the season’s closure as well.

Farmhouse Fixer

Farmhouse Fixer remodeled this 100+-year-old dairy farm was remodeled with a modern touch (Cr:

What is the Show About?

The very theme of the show is to revive unlivable locations. Ancient establishments that may have run down or gotten dilapidated over the centuries are the focus of this renovation series. The ultimate goal of the show makers is to initiate an extensive makeover of these places for them to serve as new living grounds. However, renovations are planned meticulously for the chosen place. The new layout shouldn’t deride it of its original charm. The interior design is reworked while keeping the foundational historicity and antiquity of the architecture is kept intact.

Farmhouse Fixer

Ongoing renovations on Farmhouse Fixer

November 2021 marked the conclusion of the first season of Farmhouse Fixer after a run of 6 episodes. The talented duo behind this expert remodeling and preservation project has Jonathan Knight (famed for New Kids on the Block) and Kristina Crestin (designer) as its shareholders. Knight has openly spoken about his passion for farmhouses and how they are the quintessential depiction of the American landscape.

Farmhouse Fixer Reviews

It’s safe to say that the series was a hit among the viewers. Securing a high 8.4/10 rating on IMDb, the show also secured its rank at #2 in the category of unscripted TV in 2021. Knight’s renovation legacy garnered a total viewership of more than 19 million viewers. HGTV’s president Jane Latman also applauded this feat and approved the series as a “consistent rating performer”. It also sealed its deal as the #3 cable program telecasted on Wednesdays during the primetime timeslot. Ever since the show premiered on HGTV GO, it has been winning its due praise.

Where to Watch Farmhouse Fixer?

The show is currently unavailable on any OTT platform in India. However, its link is available in the U.S video catalog of Amazon Prime. Farmhouse Fixer has been renewed for a second season as well and is set to make its comeback later this year.

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