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Elvis Presley’s Last Girlfriend: Exploring Their Unfinished Romance

who was elvis presley's last girlfriend
Elvis Presley

Mr. Elvis Presley, the health of the singer, deteriorated in the 1970s, and he died in 1977 as a result of his illnesses. In the 1950s, he had made teenage females fall head over heels with his film star features, catchy tunes, and swaying pelvis. Millions of admirers worldwide were saddened by the rockstar’s departure from the world, which left a significant void in the music industry. Sally A. Hoedel’s biography of the renowned singer satisfied the curiosity of many readers by offering a glimpse into his life, but they are still discovering new things about the singer’s life. Everyone is aware that after his 1975 separation from his girlfriend, Linda Thompson, Elvis moved in with a girl in his last years. We’d like to remind you that he had his first serious affair after divorcing his wife Priscilla in 1972.

However, a lot of people are curious regarding his last partner, who was with him in his final years. We have got you covered as we will be revealing everything about Elvis Presley’s last girlfriend, so stick with us! Presley was discovered unresponsive in his Graceland home in July 1977. Elvis had become dependent on synthetic drugs to survive the day following his separation. From his wife. He had put on a lot of weight and had turned to food for solace. He had trouble falling asleep, and his body was swollen.

His last girlfriend was the one who found Elvis’s body. The person who discovered Elvis’s body was his last girlfriend. So, who was Elvis Presley’s last girlfriend? Where is Elvis Presley’s last girlfriend right now? Were Elvis and his last girlfriend going to get married? Let’s find out!

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Who Was Elvis Presley’s Last Girlfriend?

The 42-year-old legend was discovered dead on the washroom floor at Graceland by Ginger Alden, the last person the king of rock and roll loved. Only a few months after Presley and Thompson broke their relationship, he began seeing Ginger Alden, another ex-beauty queen. Alden, who was 20 at the time, and her two sisters received an invitation to visit Graceland. Alden reportedly said that the 41-year-old rock star immediately grabbed her attention. And Presley reciprocated her feelings completely.

who was Elvis Presley's last girlfriend

Elvis with his fiancé Ginger

Why Was Ginger Disliked By Elvis’ Family And Friends?

The “Memphis Mafia,” Presley’s close circle, apparently disapproved of Alden, so the love affair was not all roses. She reportedly did not develop the same level of rapport with the crew as Thompson had. After only two months of dating, Presley proposed to Alden in spite of the doubts of those around him. We can only imagine how much in love this Mississippi native was because Alden was his first girlfriend following his ex-wife, Priscilla. Vester, Elvis’ uncle, told the media that the relatives was not interested in her since she had used Elvis’ name. These opinions did not affect the couple, and Alden believed she had found the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

who was Elvis Presley's last girlfriend

Elvis and Ginger planned to get married in 1977

Story Of Elvis And Ginger’s Unfinished Romance

Presley proposed to Ginger by giving her a big ring with a $30K diamond at its Centre. According to reports, the pair decided to get married on December 25, 1977. Even though Presley was certain of his choice, many others who knew him well didn’t seem to think Alden was the partner he was going to wed. Presley reportedly informed his father Vernon that only God knew when he would wed Alden when asked about his plans for marriage.

The Declining Health And Escalating Violence Of Elvin Presley

Alden provided insight into the rockstar’s careless and frequently violent behavior through her book, which was based on their interactions. She claimed he struck her once and later did repent on it. Some stories claim that when she brought up his weight and asked him to watch his calorie intake, he shot a gun at a TV screen and threw a bowl of ice cream at her. In her book, Alden claimed that she was enthusiastic about the future and that, in the hours before his passing, he had talked to her about some of his intentions to regain his physical fitness and embark on his next tour.

who was Elvis Presley's last girlfriend

Ginger Alden at an interview after publishing her own book based on her time with the rockstar

Where Is Ginger Alden Today?

She gave birth to a baby named him Hunter after her marriage to Ronald Leyser in the early 1990s. Coincidentally, her husband passed away in 2015 on the same day as Elvis. She auctioned off her engagement ring between 2009 and 2010. Ginger finally spoke up about her relationship with the rockstar through her book “Elvis and Ginger” in early 2014. She also participated in a number of interviews at that time to share her side of the tale. She currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee, which is where she was born.

She is on social media and frequently shares her enjoyable interactions with the rock singer. Well, we would never know if Elvis’s father’s claims regarding his intentions to marry her were accurate or if his loathing for Ginger was to blame. In any case, Ginger had lost what she believed to be her chance for a happy future with an ideal man. This is a fine example of how life never unfolds the way you want it to.

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