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Emily in Paris Season 3 Spoilers and Breakdown

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris Season 3 trailer breakdown is much needed right now because well, what did we just see??? These are the most amazing spoilers we have right in store for you and only read further at your own risk. Last season, it all ended with Emily being on the verge and not able to decide whether she wants to be in Paris or go back to Chicago for her old life. With season 3, we are going to get answers, or not? I mean, no one would have ever imagined that Emily would go back to Chicago because then the show would perpetually be over right? But the main, official trailer which has been released right now, gives us the hint at the whole plot of season 3.

It begins with Emily trying to talk with Mindy about her decision in her love life and how it did not work out at all. I mean, she was about to confess to Gabriel, and obviously, if these two are not together this season I am going to be very pissed. This is cute aggression for real. Anyway, coming back to Emily, we see that, she is very indecisive about whether she should be with Gabriel or Alfie.

Emily in Paris Season 3 – Spoilers

When she finally made a decision to be with Gabriel and went knocking at his doorstep, he was already moving in with Camille meaning the two are back together. Now that she has made one poor decision in her life, it is obvious that she will be scarred about the most important career decision which will either take her back to America or she can stay in Paris. Turns out that this relationship thing gave her so much trauma that she will be indecisive about her job for the entire season.

She will still work for Madeleine while also giving a commitment to Sylvie and we see just that in the trailer which Netflix released recently. This was made clear later in the trailer as our suspicions were confirmed. Mindy talks about how Emily has not told either of her bosses about her other hustle. In her French class, she outdoes herself and again goes into a spiral because this is something that she genuinely cares about the topic is about decision-making yet again.

On the other hand, she has to watch Gabriel, the man she has chemistry with, and the man she loves, be with Camille. Both of them are in a loving relationship. But well, Emily is not quite alone either. She is in a relationship with Alfie and we see the two of them having a really great time. But as is shown in the trailer, there will be moments of indecisiveness again when Gabriel leans on Emily and holds her hand while he is passed out drunk. With her whole life in a mess, will she be able to sort it all out?

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

I mean, the basic plotline of the show is clear. But we need to see which job will Emily choose in the end. I kind of have a gut feeling that the writers have saved this for another cliffhanger and they are potentially going to make a season 4 out of the whole thing. While she is living and deciding more about her romantic life, it seems like Gabrielle, Cami, Emily, and Alfie are going on a trip together and we know that our infamous couple is struggling with the obvious sexual tension between them.

What we are bound to see this season is heartbreaks and romance because this is Paris and things happen in Paris. We are just rooting for it all to happen because let’s face it, by the end of the trailer, we kind of saw some clarity and maybe Emily will get it too somehow. Anyway, we are just rooting for everything that is best for her.

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