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What Happened Last Night On Love Island Season 9 Episode 53? The Final Dates

Love Island Season 9 Episode 53
Tanya and Shaq on a date (CC: ITV)

I actually have some things to talk about Love Island Season 9 Episode 53. Because if you watched episode 52, you know damn well that nothing was happening. So at the start of Episode 53, Islanders get a text saying that it’s time for the final dates. And this time around, they’re informing the Islanders that they’re gonna vote for compatibility before they actually get to the bone fire.

After hearing this, all the Islanders get a bit down, and Kai says, “No matter what happens, everyone is a strong couple. And whoever we choose, there is no disrespect to tarnish their friendships or anything like that”.

So everybody’s here talking about “it doesn’t have to do with friendship. Just know we still love each other.” And I’m like… not with this crew. With this crew, it is absolutely personal. I don’t know if they’re gonna vote that way, but I do not believe them for one second talking about it having nothing to do with their friendships. I’d be surprised if half of you all still talking after six months, and I will honestly be surprised.

What Happened Last Night On Love Island Season 9 Episode 53?

Now let’s get into the dates themselves in Love Island Season 9 Episode 53. Since the Love Island house is located in South Africa, I have been asking for some South African culture, and it then took them 53 episodes to finally give it to me.

However, I don’t have a problem with it going to Ron and Lana. That’s not my gripe. My gripe is why it didn’t go to Shaq and Tanya. I don’t know what Tanya’s ties to her culture are. Maybe she’s not connected with being Zimbabwean. But as Zimbabwean, she should have been pissed.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 53 Recap

Ron and Lana’s date (CC: ITV)

While on the date, Lana says, “I’m just buzzing that we’ve had this journey together, and we’re here now.” To this, Ron says, “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Best things to probably be in my life now.” Ron and Lana being stood in the water; I was like, this it’s not really romantic. The scenery was beautiful, but it was not really romantic having your feet moist.

Anyways, the date itself was really nice to see. I remember being so excited about Ron’s entrance into the villa. He was my number one draft pick y’all. And I felt like this was the resemblance of the Ron that I remember coming in.

He’s been like this for a while. I’m just making a point of it. I’m not saying this is like a new revelation. So yeah, it was just nice to see him be that guy I was rooting for at the beginning of the season.

Tom And Samie On A Rose Filled Date

Tom and Samie are next to go on a date, and they drive in a red Ferrari and pull up to this beautiful rose-filled spot. The serenade was nice and all, but the Rose theme they got going on was just perfect. So on the date, Samie talks about the poem that Tom read to her. She says, “That is the most romantic and sentimental thing that anyone has ever done for me.”

Then my Man Tom says to Samie that he is falling in love with her. This was reminding me of Tasha and Andrews’s final date with the roses. I don’t like flowers, but I really like roses. So seeing all this was just so beautiful.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 53

Tom and Samie on a date (CC: ITV)

However, Samie, I still want better for you. I just don’t think Tom is the one. Maybe the one for now, you know. But not one for long. I don’t know, something about Tom, I just don’t want that for Samie. I do believe that he’s very taken by her. He even admitted to stating that he was falling for her. I believe it. And she’s falling for him. I believe it. I just don’t want it.

One more thing I gotta say about the serenade, and it goes back to the first date. “Can you feel the love tonight?” You all gotta be playing in my face… Lion King? People won’t be singing that. I know I am not Zulu, but I’m pretty sure the Zulus don’t just be singing, “Can you feel the love tonight?”

Shaq And Tanya’s Dinner Date

Shaq and Tanya were the last to go on their dates. I’m not trying to be a hater, but I got some things to say. The outfits? No, I wasn’t feeling them. I’m not a fashion designer or something, but I don’t need to be a fashion designer to tell that their dress was off and I wasn’t feeling it. I can’t dress to save my life, but I know these outfits weren’t hit in the way that they thought they were hitting.

I don’t know if the producers were being shady. I just know if I was a shady producer, I would have done this as well. Why all of me as their serenade? Because let’s listen to the words, you guys. “What would I do without your smart mouth drawing me in and you kicking me out.” It’s giving Tanya. I was like a shady producer. You are not slick.

So on the date, my boi Shaq asks Tanya if she will be his girlfriend, and Tanya says Yes. They are obviously very smitten with each other, so much so that they have become boyfriend and girlfriend. For some reason, Shaq was like, “oh, you never know. I don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

Love Island Season 9 Episode 53 Recap

Shaq and Tanya’s date (CC: ITV)

The scenery is too good, and the vibes are too immaculate for you not to make her your girlfriend in this setting, especially if y’all are already exclusive and saying I love you. But they’re both saying they’re excited to meet the families. I think this is going to be the most awkward meeting the families if the family is going to be authentic.

Because if y’all remember, on Aftersun, Tanya’s mom said Tanya typically goes for a medium Ugly. And that’s why she wouldn’t be into Martin. However, she’s into Shaq. And then also, Shaq’s family, how are they gonna deal with this situation? I don’t know if my family was coming on the show, they wouldn’t be cute.

Shaq And Tanya Have Grown

The last thing I got to say about Love Island Season 9, Episode 53, is that we didn’t get to see the last two dates. When Tanya and Shaq were talking about the least compatible couples, Tanya’s reasoning was frustrating to me.

Because her justification for what makes a couple compatible is “them going through things.” And don’t get me wrong, pushing through adversity in a union with somebody is great, it’s awesome, and it builds you as a couple.

However, there was a difference between going through things and putting somebody through things. And all of the people that she was talking about who have “been through stuff” are stuff that has been put into the situation that didn’t have to be there.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 53 Recap

Shaq and Tanya have grown (CC: ITV)

We’re not talking about financial issues. We’re not talking about the loss of the family. We’re not talking about career changes. We’re not talking about distance. We’re talking about “you turned her head to another person, and now I have to rebuild my trust for you when you could have just stayed loyal to me or moved your attention elsewhere.” Do you know what I’m saying? That happens in life, too. People do cheat and come back. And I’m not saying these people cheated. I’m just relating it to real life.

But I was just like, I feel like your age is showing, but it is OK. I would be lying if I said these two have not grown in this process. They absolutely have. Tanya very much so, because through this process, I’ve seen her learn how to communicate with Shaq in a way that asserts her ground, but it’s still tender enough not to agitate the situation.

She now speaks to him in the way that he processes the first time, and things don’t explode like they potentially could. So the growth is there. We just need a little bit more, that’s all. That’s all I have to say for Love Island Season 9 Episode 53. 

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