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Anime Shows That Fans Of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Should Try

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

If you are aware of any of the overwhelming and long anime shows to watch, then I bet that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure must be on the top of your list. Till this point in time, the creators have let out almost 5 seasons for the show. Despite the fact that the anime show is not as popular as its mate out there, it still makes up for a pretty good watch. A grand cheer to the person who has watched every bit of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and is now looking forward to watching some of the similar anime titles to get their time passed quickly. Thus, here we have wrapped up a few anime shows that might interest the fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Baki the Grappler

This anime show revolves around the lead protagonist, who is trying very hard in order to prove himself as a martial artist. His name is Baki Hanma. All this while, you guys should know that the main spotlight of the series is mainly on martial arts. This is why Baki the Grappler can be considered as a 5ech experience. What does it have similar to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you ask? The character arc for sure. Both the shows have employed the kind of fight sequences that have been employed are so intense that they makes the audience want to learn martial arts too.

Punch Line

Well, if a person knows the concept of Punch Line and the vibe that it gives off, then surely you will find out the similarities that it has with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. On the outside, the two anime have contrary plots and themes, but the vibe is what makes them one. In this story, we can all witness the people living in the Korai House. Also, Korai House is full of action sequences that will make you gulp in fear. Then what is similar to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? The excellent narrative. These two shows give away a different theme but have enough similar elements that a fan will enjoy.

My Hero Academia

Well, what is similar in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and My Hero Academia other than the fact that both the series are packed with action? The similarities between the two shows have to be between the characters. For instance, we can see The Quirks that heroes, as well as villains, have in My Hero Academia which is pretty similar to The Stands that are included in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. One of the greatest things about watching My Hero Academia has to be the fact that everyone has different powers. It gets so interesting to watch everyone have their different level of abilities while fighting.

Then another thing that makes this anime show special is how the characters have to make up their mind against their villains and fight in accordance with that decision. The heroes in the show even have the chance to use their skills in different creative forms. As you can all witness, the excellence that Mirio Togata has in his power to go through anything. Then we have the flexibility of Josuke and how he can use the Crazy Diamond.

Food Wars

Food Wars is an anime show that focuses all on food, as the name already suggests. The twist is that the plot has so much action in it. The story is set in a culinary high school whose students are intense about winning. They all participate in Shokugeki, also known as cooking battles. You guys should know that there are so many high stakes attached to these battles that the fans will themselves become afraid to watch it at one point in time. Then what does the show has in similar to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? The desire of winning among the characters for sure.

They all are so desperate about proving themselves in the culinary school that they even are able to make wonders out of literally nowhere. Also, you guys should always keep a snack handy by your side while watching the show because the anime surely can make your tummy rumble with hunger. All this while, one of the Shokugeki in Food Wars whose animation looks very same to that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has to offer. If a person is foody while also having a soft spot for action genre anime, then Food Wars is all you need to look for.


All the people who have watched Ben-To might be aware of how intense the plot of this show can get. This is another project created by David Productions. Who would expect that they will have to go through a big battle just to purchase some Bentos from your nearest convenience store? This anime show is exactly that. All the characters employed in this series are students or people from the office in the daytime. All this while, when it is night, they transform into soldiers who are intense.

The story of this anime is something very unusual and will get you hooked as soon as you enter the first episode. Also, it has a concept that might look a bit difficult to understand, but with consistency, you will be able to get a hold of it. Both these shows can become popular for taking something out of the blue that people consider as ordinary, and make them into something extraordinary.

Gurren Lagann

This anime show, Gurren Lagann, is a classic story of heroes. It is one of those mecha anime in which the lead protagonists go on fighting for their lives as well as for the people around them. All the humanity lives underground while the heroes are working so as to make society better. What similarity does the show have with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? For instance, the theme of both shows acknowledges the protagonists fighting for something greater than them, be it the people of the town or the entire youth. Also, the fight sequence that we will see in Gurren Lagann has been worked out really well. If a person is trying to find something that feels connected to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure but also has a uniqueness to it, then Gurren Lagann is your show.

Nyaruko: Crawling With Love

Sometimes we watch certain anime shows that blow our minds off and question our existence. One such example is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Although, after finishing off with such a deep plotted anime show, I am sure you would like to get into something more relaxing that is so light, it makes your heart flutter. For this thought, we have included Nyaruko in this list. The show is set in a weirdly comical state. I mean, the concept of this anime show is not easy to grasp. It will leave you perplexed while you are just trying to understand what was happening. The show is pretty funny and will get your head out of the intensely plotted story that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure had. It even has employed some of the referential elements to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in the series.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi is the lead protagonist of the series. His characteristics include being careless. He is mostly similar to what Jotaro and Josuke were as a person. Later in the scenes, we see that he becomes a supernatural detective. The team that he creates for himself is much similar to what we have seen in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. All the key elements get filled up in the show with comedic and brainy and rival bits. There are some pretty good action scenes in the show that blends all of the physical fights as well as the supernatural abilities. If a person is looking for something full of nostalgia, then Yu Yu Hakusho is the show for you.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Kaguya Sama: Love is War

In particular, we can not dub this anime show as something that includes action sequences, but the show is more on the intense side of things. The entire series is all about two people, that is, the Student Council President as well as the Vice President. Both these individuals deny accepting their feelings for each other. The plot develops with their character arcs, and we see how they are in the presence of each other.

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