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Dr Stone Chapter 137 Official Spoilers, Release Date, And Where to Read Online


Dr Stone manga is gaining more popularity every week. Last week’s chapter received again some positive reviews and there are always bound to be some negative ones as well but those can be neglected this time around. Last time we got to witness the revival of Ryusui yet again, making him the first character to be revived from stone for the second time.

Also, Senku was seen doing some amazing things with his 4D backgammon dimensional chess. This was all bad news for Ibara as he didn’t know what hit him. Senku rightly mentioned that he should not play in traffic as it is dangerous. Ibara managed to throw Medusa off the cliff and just when we thought that it was it for Medusa, Senku stepped in with another one of his scientific tools to save Medusa. It was a nice panel to witness without a doubt.

Dr Stone Chapter 137 Official Spoilers

Unfortunately, there is still no word on the official spoilers of the upcoming chapter of Dr Stone but as soon as the official spoilers are out we’ll be here to share them with you all. Even though the official spoilers are not out thus far but we can still make predictions regarding what exactly might turn out in the next chapter.

If anyone does not like to read regarding spoilers and predictions then you might be better off by skipping to the latter part of this post. But if you are okay with reading them, then just carry on as you may enjoy the ride. I think that Army of Invaders will show us what they are really about in the next chapter and also the fate of Ibara might just be decided in the next chapter as well. Senku with his scientific tools might just be too much for Ibara to.handle in Dr Stone chapter 137.


Dr Stone Chapter 137 Release Date

So, when is Dr Stone chapter 137 coming out exactly? The official release date of Dr Stone chapter 137 is 02 February 2020 but the scans will be probably out by tomorrow, that is 31 January 2020.

Dr Stone Chapter 137 Where to Read

As we all know that most of the websites providing scans are gone for now but still there are somewhere you can read the most awful quality of scans. I suggest that you wait for the official release so that you get to read good quality stuff and support the official release at the same time. You can do this easily via Mangaplus and Viz Media who provide free new chapters to read every week.

Dr Stone Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for Dr Stone:
Thousands of years ago, the entirety of mankind was turned to stone, and now, Senku Ishigami awakens. He’s a bit with an extraordinary mind, and his grasp on science is fantastic. It is he who faces the task of restoring the world to its former glory. He isn’t alone, though. His friend Taiju Oki also awakened at around the same time, and they try their best to rebuild the civilization from nothing.

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