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Why was Mackenzie Fired from Teen Mom?

Why was Mackenzie fired from Teen Mom
Why was Mackenzie fired from Teen Mom?

Want to know why was Mackenzie fired from Teen Mom? American reality television personality Mackenzie McKee rose to fame after appearing in the popular MTV show 16 and Pregnant in 2011. Later, McKee was also included in the spinoff series, Teen Mom 3, where she appeared in its first and only series. She starred alongside Briana DeJesus, Alex Sekella and Katie Yeager back in 2013. McKee later also joined the cast of Teen Mom OG after the departure of Bristol Palin from the show back in August 2019.

After being a television personality, Mackenzie managed to grand enough media attention as she made headlines after allegedly being fired from the long-running MTV series. Mackenzie Mckee even admitted that she cried for an entire month after her firing from the series. However, the exact reason behind her getting fired from the show has not been clear yet. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser to know Why Mackenzie was fired from Teen Mom.

Why was Mackenzie fired from Teen Mom?

While it is not exactly known why MacKenzie was fired from her teen mom, fans have come up with various theories as to why the27-year-old was not asked to return for the new season. However, the Teen Mom alum pretty much made it clear that the decision was not mutual as she took a dig at the Netherlands makers while slamming producers in a series of tweets. In a tweet, Mackenzie stated how she was just an hour away, and still, they acted like she doesn’t even exist and cannot explain to her lawyer why.

Why was Mackenzie fired from Teen Mom

Why was Mackenzie fired from Teen Mom?

This was seen more as a response when one of her ex-co-stars was busy filming the spinoff series. Mackenzie responded with her take, saying how the makers filmed 2 entire seasons after that, and all they had to do was call her or her manager and explain, which she would have respected.

Did Mackenzie McKee Have a Feud with Cheyenne Floyd?

While Mackenzie’s disappearance front he spinoff did raise too many speculative, fans also assumed that it must have something to. do with her heated feud with co-star Cheyenne Floyd. Floyd had earlier slammed Mackenzie as she called her “ignorant” for making a rather racist comment on her social media.

Mackenzie talked about how there are a lot of amazing women in the world for my daughters to look up to and see as role models and added how Kamala Harris is not one of them. The problematic statement further stated how it blows her mind that out of all the amazing colored women in this world, Harris is the one who is making history. While  Mackenzie has since apologized for her remarks, it came under fire for various reasons, and fans speculated that this might have been the reason why she was not asked to come back to the show.

Did McKenzie Take a Dig At the Makers of Teen Mom?

While Mackenzie was not a part of the spinoff, she posted a few tweets as many saw her taking a did at the show. Makers and the network. Mackenzie stated that as she was Recovering from death, and marriage problems, what MTV and the OGS did to her back to back had been rough on her.

While some of these tweets were since deleted, they quickly caught everyone’s attention.  Earlier in an interview, the reality star started by saying how MTV was there when her first child was born and how they were also a huge part of her mom, and they always respected her, and even her mom loved them as well. She went on to say how the hurt broke her, but she went on to open up her life to them, but when her voice didn’t sound like theirs, there was no more respect for her.

Why was Mackenzie fired from Teen Mom

Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie announced her separation from her husband Josh, after 12 years of togetherness this year. She stated how she is thankful for the past 12 years with Josh and what they taught her, and how she and Josh are both still young with an entire life ahead of them.

While she did not reveal the exact reason for the preparation, Mackenzie hinted that everyone has their own story, and this is hers. She further added how the new version of herself understands that they are both walking away from this with deep scars and that their kids love them both despite the pain they brought one another.

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