One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date – Raid in A Full Moon

One Piece Manga is in the Wano Country Arc where the war has begun. Luffy declared that its a full-on war. The Samurai wants to take back their oppressed country. Law is allied to Luffy to take down Kaido. Kid and other pirates have their grudges against him. The Mink Lords of Zou, Nekomamushi, and Inuarashi, are also helping the Samurai. This Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance with more than 5000 active members has infiltrated the base of Beast Pirates, Onigashima. The raid has begun and the minks will reveal their trump card in the next chapter.

The alliance decided this specific day to attack, the festival with a full moon. Some of the Minks become a lot stronger using Sulong in the Full Moon. In the latest manga chapter, the full moon was seen in the background. As a result, Nekomamushi is transforming. Inuarashi and other Minks will also use Sulong. They planned this. Minks become exponentially strong after Sulong is activated. Their bodies get bigger while their speed and agility is enhanced. Carrot once destroyed multiple warships using this technique.

“The Purrfect Night to watch the full moon” – Nekomamushi

The Beast Pirates are surprised by the sudden raid on their fortress no doubt. They get ready to cope with this sudden attack. The Alliance forces have gained the initial upper hand against them. The Minks can do considerable damage to the top brass of the Beast Pirates in Sulong form. It was once hinted that the mink lords are incredibly strong as a team in this form. Kaido has responded with his Dragon transformation taking them on. Big Mom also watches from the sidelines. These two Yonko could become a team of their own at this point.

Carrot in Sulong Form

Chapter 988 Release Date

The release date for One Piece Manga Chapter 988 is August 23, 2020. This means that there is no chapter for this weekend. This is another delay due to the schedule of Shonen Magazine. To read the latest chapters, visit the manga plus platform by Shueisha.

Chapter 987 Events

The Vassals of Oden attack Kaido all at once pinning him down. They start to pierce through the scar given by Oden at one point. After this move, the rest of the disguised Samurai also show themselves to their enemies. They want to fight for their country and take down the Beast Pirates. While this is happening, Yamato and Luffy are intercepted by Ulti again. This is where Yamato makes the public announcement that she is no longer with the Beast Pirates. She has no regard for the life of her father anymore.

On the other side, Kaido is injured by the combined attack from the Vassals. Kiado acknowledges that the rumors about the presence of the Vassal came true. They have all gathered here to take revenge for the coup that happened 20 years ago. Kiado says that the pirates will betray the Samurai after everything is lost. Here, Kinemon responds with a conviction that Straw Hat is not like the other pirates and this alliance will take down the Beast Pirates no matter what. As for Luffy, he makes it clear to everyone that it’s a full-on war now.

Marco has entered with Peros from the front for some reason. The rest of the forces have reached their designated positions on time. The Minks are going to show their trump card soon. While the outcome of this battle is still unclear, the chances of a successful raid by the alliance keep getting better. Next up is the Transformed Sulong Minks against Beast Pirates. It is exciting. What do you think about the previous chapter? Do let us know in the comments!