Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen Episode 4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Ride of Your Life With Courtney Hansen Episode 3
Ride of Your Life With Courtney Hansen Episode 3 Release Date and Streaming Guide

One of America’s top TV hosts, Courtney Hansen, brings up a brand new TV show, “Ride of your Life with Courtney Hansen,” a show that will entertain every car enthusiasts who love automobiles. This brand new TV show focuses on host Courtney Hansen who, along with her team, is on a mission to help those facing difficult times in life and have sold off their dream car to make some money and support their family. This TV show is filled with many emotional moments, shedding light on the tragedies of people and their love for cars.

But should tragedies and hard times stop us from achieving our dreams? For Courtney, the answer is no, and it’s the philosophy that she believes. Therefore, she is out on a mission to bring a positive change in people’s lives by building a modified version of their dream car, giving it a personal touch, and presenting it as a gift.

It’s a super entertaining show, filled with humor and drama, and most of all, it’s an out-and-out show about cars and people, people for whom the car is not just a vehicle but an emotion. So if you are a car enthusiast, check out this show.


Season Recap

Currently, this reality TV Show Ride of your life with Courtney Hansen has aired three episodes, with episode 4 about to get aired soon; here is a short recap of the show until now.

Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of the reality TV show Ride of your life with Courtney Hansen focuses on Derrick, a hardworking man who was forced to sell his 87 Buick Grand National after he lost his father. After his father died, Derrick had to give up on his dreams so that he could raise his family and give them a good life. He sold his “87 Buick Grand National” and gathered enough money to earn a living for his brother and sister.

Since then, Derrick has been working daily to make a living for his family. When Courtney heard this story from one of Derrick’s friends, she decided that this man’s hard work and dedication deserve something very special, so she, along with her incredible team who specializes in building super customized vehicles, decided to help Derrick to fulfill his dream of owning a classic Grand National.

Ride of your life with Courtney Hansen Episode 2

Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of Ride of your life with Courtney Hansen focuses on Derek, A man in his 40s and suffering from early onset Parkinson’s disease (a form of the neural disease where you start losing control of your body). Derek had his grandfather’s Classic F-150, which he wanted to keep as a family heirloom and pass on to the next generations, but unfortunately, he had to sell it due to financial problems. Since then, it’s always been Derek’s dream to get back his grandfather’s 1978 F-150, but family responsibilities and his struggles with Parkinson’s disease have kept him away from doing so.

Derek is an outdoor man; he mostly loves to spend his time outside, fishing, hunting, or camping. So when Courtney came to know about his story, she and her incredible automotive team decided to build him a classic truck that looked similar to his grandfather’s classic F-150 and customize it as per his habits of Derek, a truck with a tent and a bed which he can use while camping.

Episode 3 Recap

This episode focuses on Jeremy, who helped his father when he was on the verge of dying out of a heart attack due to excess obesity; he helped his father to gain a healthy lifestyle and dedicated his life to organizing marathons for cancer charities and veterans. Due to financial problems, Jeremy had to sell his most beloved 1969 Camaro to pay for College.

If you are a car lover or a car enthusiast, then you should check this show “Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen” this show will have a total of 12 episodes; the first 3 episodes have already aired, while its 4th episode is scheduled to air on 28 September. You can watch this show on the streaming platforms we have mentioned below.

Ride of your life with Courtney Hansen episode 3
Ride of your life with Courtney Hansen season 1

Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen Episode 4 Preview

Episode 4 of Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen will revolve around Bill Adams, who owned a 1969 Roadrunner Convertible, a rare model. Bill loved his car so much, but unfortunately, fate took a turn, and he was forced to sell his lovely Roadrunner to pay for his son’s medical bills. How Courtney and her team plan to build a new Roadrunner for Bill forms the rest of the story for episode 4.

Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen Episode 4 Release Date

Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen season 1 episode 4 release date is on 28 September, the episode is titled One Rare Bird.

Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen Episode 4 Streaming Guide

You can watch Ride of Your Life with Courtney Hansen while streaming on Motor Trend+ on 28 September.

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