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Preview and Recap: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 185

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Team 7 has just finished with the testing on Scientific Ninja Tool. When they are about to leave, Akita gave them the manuals for the tools she gave them. She also gave them the emergency contacts. She wanted to provide more luggage, but Boruto complains about it. Boruto asks about Katatsuke, who shows up in an armored scientific robot. He comments that he has been waiting to try the robot for so long.

On their way, they find an airship that Mogino and Konohamaru were investigating. Mutsuki spotted objects that are near that airship. Katatsuke comment that it seems like there was a battle. Boruto suggests that they must go down and take a closer look. When they are down, Mitsuki reveals that the objects are Puppet Jutsu user’s Puppets. Boruto thinks that it might be Konohamaru who has taken them down.

Episode 185 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Release Date

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 185 will be released on Sunday, 7 February 2021, at 5:30 PM JST. Every Sunday new episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generation is released. You can watch or stream this Anime officially on CrunchyrollAnimeLab, and Funimation. Take a look below.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Previously on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 184

Mitsuki is worried about why they cannot see Konohamaru around the airship. Sarada comments that since there are puppets, there must be a Puppet user around. She thinks that Konohamaru is pursuing them. Dr. Katastuke entered inside the airship and started the investigation. Boruto reminds Katastuke not to forget about their mission. Boruto is surprised when a Puppet near him just got up. When the Puppet attacks him, he hops and unleashes a lightning style.

Boruto put the Puppet to sleep, and other Puppets started to wake up. When Katatsuke gets out, he notices that Team 7 is surrounded by an army of Puppets. The Puppets started attacking from both directions, and Sarad burns them with a Fireball. Mitsuki attacks with Windstyle: Breakthrough and ll the Puppets fall. Boruto is glad that they defeated them, but it surprises him when they get up again.

Scientific Ninja Tool vs. Scientific Ninja Tool:

The Puppets use Fire-style Jutsu to blow everything around. The trio manages to find a hiding spot. Boruto is wondering what is happening, and Katatsuke realizes that the Puppets are using Scientific Ninja Tool. He also reveals that it is an autonomous Puppet that doesn’t require Puppet Master. Ktatsuke concludes that the Puppets are Scientific Ninja Tools themselves. Sarad is worried if the Puppets have taken down Kohamaru and Mogino.

Katatsuke comments that he has found an odd container within the airship. He thinks that the Puppets are the guardians of the container. Boruto is angry that their enemy is a Scientific Ninja Tool. Katsuke asks Boruto to allow him to handle it like fighting fire with fire. Katatsuke gets up and yells that he will fight Scientific Ninja Tool with Scientific Ninja Tools. The Puppets attacks with Fire-Style Jutsu and Katatsuke absorbs the attack using his robot.

Katastuke alow the Puppets to excessive use of the Fire Bombs, and it causes the Puppets to overheat. All of them collapses with smoke coming out from the mouth. Katatsuke reveals that the heat caused the Puppets to shut down. Boruto is glad that Katatsuke saved them using his Science power. Katatsuke comments the Puppets might start moving again after they cool down. He then told them that they have to destroy the Puppets head.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Naruto Next Generations


Katatsuke warns everyone to look for the chakra-infused component and destroy it. When Boruto wanted to destroy the last one, Katatsuke stops him and takes one component. He said that they have to take it back for their science research. Sarada comments that she thought it was just research. She did not expect that the mission was to fight the Scientific Ninja Tool. Katatsuke realizes that he was placed under Genjutsu, and his Intel on Scientific Ninja Tool was leaked.

Katysuke thinks that the intel that was used might be the one used to create the Puppets they have just defeated now. Chamaru came back barking and drop Konohamaru’s kunai. Sarada and Boruto are glad that he is still alive. They followed the trails to track Konohamuru. While Jigen trains with Code and Jigen comments that Code still has a long way to go. Boruto and others have managed to find Mogino and Konohamaru inside the cave. Konohamaru shows Boruto the intel that they have to return it.

Mr. Ao shows up and asks them to give the intel to him. Mr. Ao defeated them, and he took the hand of the robot. Boruto attacks with the Rasengan, and he absorbs it using that hand. Mugino decided to sacrifice himself and grab Mr.Ao so that he will explode with him. After the explosion, Konohamurau realizes that they cannot let Mugino’s sacrifice be wasted. He orders everyone that to retreat and when they have left. Mr.Ao emerges from the pile of rocks and comments that he won’t let anyone escape alive. 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 185 Preview

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