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The Princess And The Bodyguard Release Date: What is the Movie About?

The Princess and the bodyguard release date
The Princess and the bodyguard release date

It’s time to cover one of those fun and peppy romance TV movies that you always put on when there’s nothing else to watch. You know, the kind of movies that you would normally watch when you’re bored out of scrolling endlessly on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime because you normally run out of options. That’s when those Hallmark movies come in handy. So, let’s talk about The Princess And The Bodyguard release date.

Directed by John Bradshaw —he directed Nova, Santa’s Squad, You Lucky Dog, and Every Second Counts— out of a script developed by Rebeca Hughes —she wrote for Picture Perfect Lies and produced “Meet Me In New York— and a story by Danny Morgan —he wrote Meet Me In New York with Hughes—, this movie stars Emily Alatalo and Ryan Bruce in the leading roles and Richard Waugh, AnnaMaria Demara, David Pinard and Alana Pancyr in supporting roles.

The Princess and the bodyguard release date

Emily Alatalo as Lexi the Princess


Lexi learns that on her 35th birthday, she will suddenly have to give up her typical life in New York and transform into the royal Princess that she has always secretly been. She has two weeks to accept this, tell her best friend who she really is, and find a date for the royal gala where she will be revealed to the public. All while Noah, her charming but annoying bodyguard, kept an eye on things.

The Princess And The Bodyguard Trailer

Where To Watch The Princess And The Bodyguard?

So far, there’s no official information on where to watch The Princess and The Bodyguard on cable, syndicated, or OTT platforms. However, the closer we get to the release date, it is more likely that the production company will give out the details. Still, we will keep an eye out and give you the details of this release on television and OTT platforms with an update.

The Princess And The Bodyguard Release Date

The Princess And The Bodyguard will release on December 31, 2022. With this information, we conclude our scoop on this made-for-television movie here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention; please keep browsing through our website to find more entertainment-related content. See you next time!

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