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How To Watch The Larkins Season 2 Episodes? Streaming Guide

the larkins s2 trailer
How To Watch The Larkins Season 2 Episodes?

Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

How to watch The Larkins episodes? We are more than happy to bring the answer to you. But before we reveal the answer to How to watch The Larkins episodes? Here is a little primer on the show’s plot. The Larkins is a friendly and upbeat television sitcom created by Andy De Emmony that revolves around a family residing in the picturesque hills of Kent, England.

Because viewers adored the show’s relaxed pace, it was renewed for a second season in October 2022. The fictional Larkins family was based on the Bates novella “The Darlings of May,” which would have been the subject of another play in 1991. On October 10, 2021, the most current adaptation, The Larkins, made its television debut.

Only six episodes were produced, one of which was a significant Christmas special televised later in the year. The television series was brief. Mariette and Charlie, who are tricked into marrying her, are the protagonists in the first season’s narrative. However, they came to see how much they felt for one another.

the larkins s2 trailer

A scene from The Larkins.

When a new family comes in next door, the family faces another difficult situation in Season 2. Since Mariette appears to be on Charlie’s honeymoon, she won’t be seen much this season. The show is still being filmed in several southern English locations.

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The Larkins Season 2 Plot

The Larkin family, a kindhearted country family who frequently has issues with the law, is the subject of the series. Wheeler-dealer Pop Larkin and his wife Ma have six kids and are devoted to living life to the fullest. Mariette, the eldest child of Pop and Ma, and newcomer Cedric “Charley” Charlton are the main characters in the story.

Charley travels to the hamlet to investigate the family’s tax issues, but his feelings for Mariette soon divert him. On the other hand, Mariette is being pursued by the stunning and mysterious Tom Fisher and has goals that do not involve men.

Who Stars In The Larkins Season 2?

 Joanna Scanlan (you may recognize her from “The Thick of It”) and Bradley Walsh (from “Doctor Who”) will play the main characters of Pop and Ma in this play as they enjoy the Kent landscape with their children. Additionally, Sabrina Bartlett will portray Mariette Larkin, Pa’s daughter, in the Netflix series “Bridgerton.”

the larkins s2 trailer

Mom and Dad Larkin from the Larkins.

Grantchester native Tok Stephen will portray Cedric “Charley” Charlton. Each Larkin has a certain eccentricity and charisma. Will they meet the high expectations set by their forerunners? After all, Sabrina Bartlett has some significant shoes to fill.

She will, after all, take on a character previously performed by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Among the other cast members who have been officially announced are Peter Davison (the Vicar), Kriss Dosanjh (the Brigadier), Robert Bathurst (Johnny Delamere), Seeta Indrani (Miss Chand), Tony Gardner (Alec Norman), and Selina Griffiths (Norma Norman).

the larkins s2 trailer

The Neighbours from The Larkins.

The Coleman family now includes Lydia Page (Primrose Larkin), Liam Middleton (Montgomery Larkin), Lola Shepelev (Victoria Larkin), Davina Coleman (Zinnia Larkin), and Rosie Coleman (Petunia Larkin).

Where Is The Larkins Filmed?

The Darling Buds of May served as the inspiration for the sequel, The Larkins. This series is filmed in the same rolling hills of Kent and Surrey as the first one. However, there is a slight difference. A different Kent farm has been picked this time. It is the one at Romshed Farm, located a short distance from the Kent village of Underriver.

the larkins s2 trailer

The Larkin s2 filming locations.

In addition, the actors and crew were spotted filming for The Larkins in Faversham. Here the stores have been restored to seem like 1950s-era stores. Not to be overlooked are the communities of Eynsford and West Peckham and the Walpole Bay Hotel in Broadstairs, where the movies were also filmed. Scenes were filmed at Squerryes Court in Westerham, Long Barn in Sunridge, and Stonepitts Farm, close to Sevenoaks.

When Does The Larkins Season 2 Release Its New Episodes?

The Larkins Season 2 Episodes come out every Sunday. The Larkins Season 2 Episodes will air at 4 pm on ITV in the United Kingdom. International fans can view new episodes at 3:00 am AEDT, 11:00 am EST and 8:00 am PT if they watch the episodes outside the UK.

How to Watch The Larkins Season 2 episodes?

The Larkins Season 2’s episodes are available for streaming with ITV Hub for fans watching this show outside the UK. TVNZ will be streaming the episodes of The Larkins season 2 for the viewers and fans watching from New Zealand. At the same time, Acorn TV will be streaming the new episodes of season 2 of The Larkins for Canadian and American viewers.

The Larkins Season 2 Episodes Schedule

  • Episode 1: Bad Neighbours-Sun October 16, 2022
  • Episode 2: The Trap-Sun October 23, 2022
  • Episode 3: Love and Violence- Sun October 30, 2022
  • Episode 4: Wheels of Justice-Sun November 13, 2022
  • Episode 5: Pop in Prison-Sun November 20, 2022

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