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Theresa Randle, I am not sure how familiar the name is to non-american Audiences or even the youth of America. Well, to briefly introduce her, Theresa Randle is an American actress who made her presence known in the American Film industry during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

To be honest with the readers, I made a preconception that she was just an averagely famous actress because I was not familiar with her name until I came across her name for professional purposes in writing this article. But when I googled her, I realized I knew her. I didn’t know her name, but I knew her face. 

In 2023, she is 58-years-old and not much active in the film industry. Let us briefly take a look at her biography for further insight into who she is as a person and how successful she was as an actress before we get on to her autobiography.

Theresa Randle: Biography and Career. 

Theresa Randle, born on December 27, 1964, to a family in the United States, can be considered an exceptional kid. She was trained in dance. She got into Beverly Hills high school; she did not just get into the school. Rather, she got into a program specifically curated for the exceptionally gifted and talented. 

As we mentioned, she learned dancing, and she is trained in traditional, modern, and Jazz. It is her familiarity with dancing and comedy that got her into acting. She began her acting via stage plays like In Command of the Children, Sonata, and more.

But we know that she is an actress who has done small and big roles in some famous and not-so-famous movies. The one that is most familiar to me, and I am sure it is familiar to many, is Malcolm X. 

Theresa Randle
Theresa Randle for Malcolm X (Credits: Warner Bros)

In Malcolm X, a biographical drama about the activist Malcolm X, she played a small role. She played the romantic interest of Young Malcolm. But, if we are talking about her big break, then it is the 1987 movie created by Amy Jones, Maid to Order.

In ‘Maid to Order’, a comedy-fantasy film, Theresa had a small role in this movie too. The movie was also not received that well by audience and critics. She did a variety of small roles in many movies, as we mentioned earlier, which is probably why many of us are familiar with her face but not her name. 

The other movies that she acted in include Beverly Hills Cops III, Space Jam, Bad Boys Franchise, etc. She also made appearances in various TV shows, including two Law and Order episodes. 

The latest she appeared is in the Bad Boys for Life movie, which was released in the year 2020. In the movie, she played the role of Theresa Burnett. We can say that her career as an actor is satisfactory, but if I, a random girl in India, can recognize her face, then her career is definitely good.

Theresa and Tasha
Theresa and Tasha, Tasha is replacing Theresa in Bad Boy 4 (Credits: LA Times)

She was replaced by Tasha Smith as Theresa Burnett in the fourth establishment of the franchise Bad Boys. She was also recently in the news because of a video that went viral, in which we saw Randle using a walker. The video got many concerned for the 58-year-old actress. 

Theresa Randle’s Net Worth

How much do you think her net worth is? Try guessing it based on the biodata and her portfolio before we reveal it. So the American Actress Theresa Randle, who featured in the movies of many well-established directors though the roles were mainly small, has a net worth of $3 Million.

The $3 Million she has mainly comes from her acting roles, she rarely makes appearances in movies and TV nowadays, so we cannot be sure if that is still her Net Worth. But considering how in 2020 she did Bad Boys for Life, her net worth couldn’t have gone down that much. 

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Theresa Randle is mainly known for her performance as Theresa Burnett in the Franchise, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In the movie, Will Smith and Martin plays the role of Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, buddy cops who work at the Miami Police Department. 

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