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Persona 5 Strikers – Action Packed Blockbuster RPG Coming for Global Market

Persona 5 featured

Who doesn’t love a Persona game? This high school RPG was the talk of the town when its fifth installment was released. Persona 5 Strikers did well, almost getting completely positive reviews. People just fell in love with the RPG. People have been waiting for this far too long, don’t forget that the game released in Japan over a year ago.

Now the new follow-up to persona 5 is here, Persona 5 strikers. Developed by Omega Force and P-Studio, the game is a hack and slash RPG. This genre of games is one of the most played and most popular. It gives you countless hours of fun and an addictive storyline as well, and it checks all the boxes. But this is no normal Persona game, it is a crossover between the Dynasty Warriors franchise and Persona 5.

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Let’s learn a little more about the gameplay. This game slightly differs from the rest as it has the crossover element to it. So being a crossover between 2 games means it has the game styles of 2 different games. It has the real-time action combat from Dynasty Warriors and the turn-based combat from Persona. Mixing the best of both worlds, this makes a very good game. Keep in mind that both the games are just amazing, so a blend between those 2 would be spectacular.

So the protagonist of the game, Joker, can equip multiple personas, giving him different play styles and powers. These personas can be found on drops and also can be found by defeating mini-bosses in dungeons. That’s not all, and these newfound personas can be brought to the living room where new personas can be made from blending the one’s you found.

A new B.A.N.D system is introduced whereby by increasing its levels, the player can increase his or her stats. The level increase is done through winning many battles, achieving some of the milestones present in the game, and also can be earned by interacting with your party members.

The Dungeon factor of the game is very much similar to Persona 5. You will run into a ton of enemy types, you can approach the stealth way and avoid them completely, or you can take the direct approach and take them head-on. We recommend the direct approach, and it’s, of course, the most fun.

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Another thing that makes its way from persona 5 is the Third Eye feature. By using this, interactive objects and some information about the enemy will be visible to you. Now coming to the battle system, this is the part of the game which has undergone the most change. Like we said, because the game is a crossover from Dynasty, it also features real-time combat. A battle is triggered when the character comes into contact with an enemy. Keep in mind you can land a surprise attack if the enemy hasn’t spotted you yet. This attack can easily make or break the fight sometimes.

But the command based attack screen is still present in the game when you are using your persona skills. So the game is, like we said, a perfect blend of both the games. You can choose your playstyle and approach the battle in the way that you prefer.


Being a direct follow-up to Persona 5, the game takes place 4 months after the previous one. Our protagonist and Morgana are making their way back to Tokyo. They are also accompanied by the infamous Phantom thieves Of Hearts. The group is planning a fun summer vacation, a well-deserved break.

They are using the help of EMMA, a popular application to assist them in their vacation planning. While shopping for the said vacation, they are approached by a rising idol who notifies them of something they can do with EMMA. The idol asks the group to input the keyword Wonderland into EMMA. By doing so, everyone was transported to another world.

This was a mysterious alternate version of the real world Tokyo called Jail. Here they learn of harmful Shadows existing, and these shadows have been attacking people, which causes them to act abnormal back in the real world.

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To solve the problem at hand, The Phantom thieves OF Hearts are back. This is the base of the story, and we aren’t spoiling any more of it. This is a must-play if you are a fan of RPG games, and it is even more of a must-play if you are a Persona fan.

Persona 5 Strikers USA and Global Release Date

Persona 5 Strikers will make their way to many other countries, including the United States, this coming 23rd of February, 2021. Everyone has talked about how Strikers feel like an amazing Persona game, but at the same time, it is completely different in a good way. This is its best selling point.

The game sold over 150000 copies in the first week, just in Japan. In Asia, the game debuted in the top-five, and by the end of 2020 we it had over 450000 in sales. The game is set to release in the United States and many other countries on February 23rd, 2021.

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