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Pokemon GO finally launched its first 2018 surprise. Data miner confirmed that Niantic the parent company behind Pokemon Go finally added something new and exciting for the players.Niantic is encouraging players to come together with official monthly meetups in a new initiative it’s calling Pokémon Go Community Day. The first Community Day kicks off on January 20th and will feature double XP for trainers and unique items as well as special pokémon with unique abilities for trainers to hunt down.

Once a month, Pokemon Go players are encouraged to meet up in local parks. This not only gives everyone a chance to mix and mingle, but also a shot at catching the event’s exclusive Pokemon. For just a few hours that day, one Pokemon with an exclusive move will be available to catch. Niantic did not specify if these event Pokemon are exclusive to the host parks, or anywhere around the world.

While Pokémon Go Community Days, players will have a few hours to find and capture a rare Pokémon. For the first event, which will run Jan. 20 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT, a Pikachu that knows the move Surf will be out in the wild. Lure Modules will also last a full three hours to help out trainers looking out for surfin’ Pikachu, and everyone will benefit from bonus experience points as well.

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Surfing Pikachu is a fan-favorite variation of the Electric-type Pokémon, and it’s appeared in several of the series’ games over the years. Its first appearance was in Pokémon Yellow, which features a special minigame called Pikachu’s Beach. Using a Pikachu that knows Surf, players can get Pikachu on a little surfboard to ride some nice, pixelated waves. Since then, the beach boy has appeared in games like Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Stadium, and Pokémon Channel, as well as mainline games via special events.

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All we know right now is Niantic is going to make this Surf-Pikachu available in their First Ever Community Event.Will this Pikachu hold a surfboard? Probably not, but it would be really cool if Niantic did that.Although what’s confirmed is that this Pikachu will have move “Surf” like previous Special Pikachu with “Present” move.This Pikachu first appeared in Pokemon Yellow as part of a minigame called Pikachu’s Beach–it remains in the games today as a Pikachu with the move Surf.

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We can clearly see Niantic is actively expanding the Pokemon GO development team to build many more amazing updates in 2018.Stay tuned for first-ever Community Day Event. What are your thoughts on this event?Lemme hear you guys out in the comments or you can get connected with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram. Stay tuned.


New Legendary Pokemon Released

Pokemon GO finally launched its first 2018 suprise. Data miner confirmed that Niantic the parent company behind Pokemon Go finally added something new and exciting for the players.Data miners confirmed that Niantic finally added Kyogre’s 3D assets to the game. This was the last step needed to launch Kyogre and now Kyogre is globally avialable.

Kyogre is the mascot Legendary of Pokemon Sapphire and will be one of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go. With a similar CP to Groudon, Kyogre will instantly slot in as the strongest Water-Type attacker in the game.

Before you trainers get too excited about a Shiny Kyogre, we should note that 3D image assets exist for Shiny versions of all of Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon, even though we haven’t actually seen a Shiny Legendary in the wild yet.

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Pokemon Go already teased the release of Kyogre for weeks, since Pokemon Go announced a holiday event back in December. Kyogre appeared in promotional art announcing the addition of 20 new Water-Type Pokemon to the game. While some assumed that Kyogre would get a holiday release, it appears that Pokemon Go is holding off until Groudon leaves the game on January 14th.

Now Niantic posted about Kyogre is globally available.Kyogre will only be available until…..



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