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Customization has also been a big part too several games. While it wasn’t as big in Pokemon go after it first launched. Avatar customization is slowly becoming more popular in Pokemon GO. While the concept is still fairly new to Pokemon in general. It will be interesting to see all the new outfits trainers can wear later on in the game.

Pokémon GO: More Glitches, This Time It’s Your Avatar’s Face

The new Pokemon games Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are going to be released in 4 days. To help celebrate that news. Niantic has made some special tropical outfits. Though, it’s going to be a few more years before we can actually enter the Alola region. It’s kind of nice to see Niantic added a few new things Nintendo is also adding to their games as well.

Pokemon Sol y Luna presentan al Dugtrio de Alola

It is, however, a little disappointing that tropical clothing is coming out when it’s actually wintering for most people. Even already seeing snow and inside the game. Winter type Pokemon you would often find in colder places.

pokemon gen  water and ice types by dotyao dis

Hopefully, we will continue to see Niantic collaborating with Nintendo in some of their releases. This isn’t the first time Niantic helped celebrate a milestone. The Ash’s Hat found on Pikachu’s head was also a part of a milestone for Nintendo.

It’s not certain rather or not these items will be free. Though, based on recent additions to the trainers’ wardrobe. It doesn’t appear Niantic plans on making clothing a purchase inside the game. Honestly, the only reason a lot of people change their outfits is that they are free.

Pokémon Go: Would More Customisable Avatar Be Good Or Pointless?
Pokémon Go: Would More Customisable Avatar Be Good Or Pointless?

No need to spend real money on an avatar that effects the game in no way other than the trainer’s own appeal.  If you are hoping to get these, look for them in your wardrobe on the 17th. No times were given, however, once the games are released the outfits probably will be as well.

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Pokémon Go: Players Are Experiencing Avatar Difficulties
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