There’s A Game of Thrones Festival Going On And It Looks Amazing


Game of Thrones Season 7 ended quite some time ago now, and it definitely left us all wanting more. But, that’ll have to wait till next year, or worse, maybe even 2019. However, there’s still a lot of stuff you can do until Game of Thrones gets back. One such thing is the Winterfell festival, which is an absolutely amazing Game of Thrones real life event.

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Some of you may have heard about it already, but for those who don’t know, Game of Thrones is extensively filmed in Northern Ireland and 25 of those locations are accessible to people, including Winterfell itself. The Winterfell festival, as the name suggests, is held in Winterfell itself.

If you do attend the festival, you can have all sorts of fun like fire arrows, meet the direwolves, explore the North, and even talk to some cast members!

The Winterfell festival is held in the 820-acre walled demesne of Castle Ward, Co Down, Northern Ireland, which is also where some of the most iconic locations in the Seven Kingdoms are.

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Tickets cost £22.50 for an adult, £10.88 for a child and £60 for a family (2 adults & 2 children between 10 – 16 years), and it is certainly a very fun thing to do. You can even meet Robb Stark’s very own Direwolf, Greywind, and Bran’s Summer as well.

If you want to immerse in to the world of Game of Thrones, then, I suggest you do go there, if it is nearby. Further, the tour guides there are actually extras from the show.

So, if you’re really passionate about the show, then you’ll have a great time, as the passion, knowledge and behind the scenes stories and anecdotes from these tour guides is enough for the admission fee.

Upon arrival, each person is given an exact replica of the Northern cloaks that the members of House Stark and the Night’s Watch wear. You can have your very own experience of Taking the Black, say your vows, and receive your own sword. For the ladies, regal gowns , the likes of which are generally worn by Sansa, Catelyn and Arya, are also available.

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Then, you get to meet the Direwolves, who are extremely fun to be near. You get to pet them, and even take photos with them. Their owner also has some nice stories to tell, if you want to listen to them.

From there, you get to the main castle, which has stood for Winterfell in the series of Game of Thrones.

Of course, it is enhanced by CGI on the show, but it still has the Winterfell feel to it. It is the very same place where the Starks recieved the Royal army of King Robert Baratheon, First of his name.

From here on, the journey gets a little rough, because now you get to visit places that have recorded some deaths in Game of Thrones.

You can see Robb Stark’s camp, where he rallied his men to take on the Lannisters, and you can see the Lannister camp as well.

Further more, you can also go to the Twins, where Walder Frey’s castle is located. The very same place where the Red Wedding took place. It’s definitely a great place to visit, murder aside.

You can stuff yourself there, and the food definitely looks something straight out of Game of Thrones.

Next, you can try your luck at archery. But, make sure you relax your bow arm first. Archery has been quite common in Game of Thrones, and there were some great archers, like Ramsay Bolton, Ygritte, and even Theon. You can prove your accuracy and see how you do compared to the rest.

But, none of that compares to actually going and sitting on the Iron Throne. The Iron Throne really tops it all, and you get to have an amazing experience. Of course, this isn’t all that Northern Ireland offers, there’s a lot more on store. You can see a lot more locations, and take yours of places from the series.

Would you like to take this Game of Thrones tour? Let me know in the comments section below!


Who Will Be The ‘Valonqar’ In Got Season 8?

The Valonqar is a part of the prophecy that was mentioned by Maggy the Frog to Cersei Lannister when she was a child, and visited her along with Melara Hetherspoon.

Maggy was a fortune teller, and she told Cersei that her fate had already been sealed. It did not look a pretty one. Maggy said that Cersei would have 3 children, and all of them would die before her.

Ultimately, she would be replaced by a Queen, a younger, and more beautiful one. But here is the most important part of the prophecy, which has to do with Cersei’s death. It states:

“And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

So you could say that Cersei’s death is something that had been written ever since we read about Maggy the Frog in the books.

She is going to die, and now that we’re headed towards the final season of Game of Thrones, she’ll die in the very last season. We know that she will be killed by the ‘Valonqar’. But, what exactly is Valonqar, and who is he?

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