How Important Are Ex Raids?


Hey guys. We know that Ex Raids are the hottest thing in Pokémon Go right now. Everyone is etching to get their hands on an Ex raid pass as they want to join the cool group. But, are Ex raids really so important as people as make out them to be. To be honest Ex raids aren’t so amazing and you shouldn’t be grinding the other raids for it. I have seen a lot of people posting on Reddit about how hard they have been grinding the raids.

I saw this post on reddit— “With how common they have been I’ve done more than 100 legendary raids and built up quite a big legendary collection. With the beasts being around for a month each, and no shift in other raid bosses, I feel less and less desire to go raid. I would take a break from raiding, but I feel like I can’t. I feel the need to continue going out daily to do multiple raids in order to stay “recent” and not miss out when the EX raids begin because we have no idea of how long recent is. I just know that if I take a week off to refresh, EX raids will start with a 1 week “recent” window and the 100-150 raids I’ve done won’t count. It almost seems intentional by Niantic in an effort to make as many people as they can feel this way.”

I don’t think people should be grinding so hard just to get the raid pass. All of us will be getting those Ex raid passes sooner or later as Niantic will start spamming them soon. So, my advice is don’t grind the raids too hard.
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