The New Akatsuki, Kara’s Secret Plan To Be Revealed!


Hey guys. Many of you who haven’t read the latest chapter of the Boruto manga, I highly suggest that you should finish reading it. Let me start off, we saying that the chapter was totally awesome. It is not something that you get to see everyday. The last chapter wasn’t bad either. In the last chapter, we got to see the new Akatsuki which goes by the name of Kara.

They have added more excitement to the manga.

Now, as we move towards the new chapter, Kara was involved yet again and it was flabbergasting. They killed their own member of a failed mission. They were talking about some irreplaceable container which was very important to them. So, why do they need it?

Strongest boruto character

Jigen has a fearsome personality and it seems that he is a bad loser.

The container was on a huge plane, which crashed outside Konohagakure. Konohamaru and another Jōnin went to check it out. The container looks more like a coffin, and it’s empty inside. The one who killed the old man of the Kara is Kashin.

Why Boruto's Eye Is Not Only Activated Around Dark Chakra

The same guy has appeared at the site of the plane crash. It seems like a battle between Konohamaru and Kashin is inevitable. It will be something worth seeing as Kara are planning something big. They did mention the Land of Fire and the Hidden Leaf Village. Whatever their plans are, they do involve the Hidden Leaf.

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Orochimaru’s Terrifying New Powers in Boruto Anime!

Orochimaru was one of the main antagonists in Naruto. In part 1, he was heavily implied to be the main antagonist in the series, however, in Naruto Shippuden, he lost a little of his Importance, and was killed off too early, only to be brought back to life by Sasuke Uchiha in the end.

Orochimaru also helped out in the war and he was instrumental in stopping Tobi. Soon they were caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and we don’t really know what happened to Orochimaru after that.

But, we do know that he’s done wonders in the scientific field ever since the war ended. He created Shin Uchiha, and he even created a perfect synthetic human in Mituski.

This pretty much tells us that he’s improved himself as well. Further, when Mitsuki introduced Orochimaru to Boruto and Sarada he said that Orochimaru was even more amazing than Naruto and Sasuke. He knows how capable Orochimaru is. We’ve seen him do a lot of stuff I’m Boruto already, and I think he will really be an important part of the series.

Orochimaru As A Kid

So what new power could Orochimaru possibly have gained after the 4th Great Ninja War? Back at the end of Naruto Shippuden, he got a hold of a Zetsu’s body, and using this, he gained access to Wood Release.

This is because his body is composed of Hashirama’s cells. All his major experiments, like Mitsuki and Shin, are made from Hashirama’s cells. He himself gained access to this power, and that could only mean one thing. The power to use Wood Release.

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