Top 6 saddest moments in Naruto that you must watch!


Top 6 saddest moments in Naruto

Naruto has been an emotional series for a while now, we have our sentiments attached to it and love all characters from the depth of our heart. Here are 6 Deaths that happened in Naruto will always be remembered.

1. Asuma Sarutobi death.

Asuma Sarutobi was killed by Hidan of the Akatsuki named Hidan. Hidan was an immortal priest using a sort of Curse style Ninjutsu, which allowed him to link himself to anyone whose blood he tasted.This is how Asuma died, caught in the curse.

2). Jiraiya Death

Jiraiya was one of the legendary Sannin and also one of the strongest shinobi.
Jiraiya died when he attempted to infiltrate Pains in order to learn more about Akatsuki, and his leader, But he was discovered by the organisation’s leader Pain who was, in fact, his former student Nagato. They two fought in battle and Jiraiya was killed even though he fought so hard against them.

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