PokemonGo: Abusing this NEW EXPLOIT will give you Infinite Coins


Recently all Niantic seems to be tweeting about, is that they are currently working on bugs that range anywhere between login issues to Gym defenders Pokemon being forcibly kicked out. A while ago a nasty bug was found and reported by the members of the Pokemon GO community.

Abusing this Bug will give you Infinite Coins, yes that’s a possibility and it’s been notified to Niantic Team members, it is not clear how long they might take to make an official response.Basically what’s the big deal is that changing the time zone to another day will reset the daily limit on the coin collections from gyms, it can be used an infinite number of times per day without any consequences (At least as of now.)

I know this is bonkers, let me explain it to you, today’s Monday 17th July and you have already received your 50 Coins defender bonus that is the maximum allowable for a day. Let’s see you got a few more Pokemon defending in gyms and you want to mine coins from them as well.

All you gotta do is, go to your Phone’s setting and manually change your time zone to a place that is on a different timezone than yours. In this case, it would either be a Sunday or a Tuesday.

Once you have done that, wait for your next defender Pokemon to come back to you. You will see that you will receive 50 coins instead of the usual number of coins that you receive. This can be repeated a countless number of times per day. One major flaw in this bug is that you need to keep Pokemon Go running when your Pokemon returns back to you. Now, this is one major flaw.

There have been reported instances of a team of cheaters are abusing this new system and gaining a ton of coins in the process. Assuming that George and Indigo (Niantic Reddit Staff) respond back to this issue, we sure want to get this issue fixed.

It is possible for Niantic to track such abnormalities with relative ease. Even an amateur Programmer can write a simple script to read the Gym coins file and check if they received more than 50 coins within the past 24 hours. It is unknown when this bug was first reported, so they might have to run this scripts on data collected over the previous week as well.

I’m positive that Niantic will make sure to roll back all fraudulently earned coins. Seeing as they can’t undo purchases, they will be leaving many cheaters with a negative balance. They’ve already done that once in the past.

What shocks me the most, is that why was this exploit left unchecked during the gym rework testing phase. They should have known it back then. Well, at least they will fix this soon enough.

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